I’ve always thought about what I would do or spend my money on if I ever won a lottery because let’s face it; it’s a lot of money for just a little cash and there are so many things to do with millions! We can possibly get new clothes, solve any financial problems, travel, start a new life or do whatever with that money. If I was working, the first thing I’d do is scream and then quit my job; but I don’t work so scratch that. Although with absolutely no financial problem to solve, winning a lottery will be a dream come true for me and there are so many things to do with such an amount, how much it may be.

So, what would I spend my money on if I won a lottery? I think the first thing I’d do is travel. As much as I’d love to buy some irrelevant things, I’d love more than anything to travel the world and explore different cultures because I’ve always wanted to travel so it’ll be such a huge opportunity for me. So, where will I travel to? The first place I’d love to visit is my favourite place ever, London. It’s literally the best place for me as it’s one of the best city’s on earth for diversity, plus there’s always something to do, places to visit, and it’s great for walking around and getting lost, as well as eating a lot. Not to mention it’s close to Paris which is the best of both worlds because I also love Paris!


Second place on my list is Italy. First things first; their pasta and pizza. I have no idea if both originated from Italy; but that’s the first thing I’d love to try. They have cute cafe’s; but I love outdoor cafe’s more. Their tourist sites are simply incredible, I love how everything feels ancient but so modern at the same time. Plus, Italy sounds like a romantic place, and Italians are among the friendliest people too. Next stop, Spain; my other great love. Their language is super beautiful; Spanish is my favourite language ever and I wished I learned it; but I didn’t. Maybe if I ever go to Spain, I’ll make it a priority to learn Spanish. I can picture myself sitting at a hotel balcony in the night, feeling the cool breeze, watching the night lights, and listening to the people speak Spanish; that’ll really be great.

Greece is definitely on my list. Ever since I saw Mykonos on Tv, I fell in love with Greece! It’s a beautiful and magical place; simply breathtaking! And then I saw more pictures of places in Greece and I was amazed. Their beach is beyond words, their water fall is amazing; plus the caves too. Greece is a must see! It’s literally paradise; a place to relax, find peace, and serenity. Plus, I’d love to hear about their myths because I love myths. California is a big “yes”. The home of celebrities; and the place where dreams come true. I think the first place I’d love to visit is Hollywood; and a selfie there is guaranteed! The walk of fame is also a must-see! And I’d want to meet a lot of celebrities and take lots of selfies. There are literally so many places to visit in Cali; their malls, the beaches, clubs, studios, you name it.


There’s no trip without Las Vegas. Their hotels are huge and everything is so well themed. But, the first place I’d go to is a casino. I’d also love to party because; it’s Vegas. And, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Dubai is also on my list. It’s very gorgeous but quite overwhelming as everything is 100% over the top and luxurious. Their malls have ice rinks and aquariums inside, the beaches are beautiful and the sand dunes are great fun for riding in trucks! Plus, the food is so great. Dubai is another exotic paradise I’d love to visit and spending just a day there will be perfect because it’s great for any vacation. Their hotels too are marvellous and they have a lot of tourist attractions which are out of this world.

Next stop, Egypt. This is one of my favourite places in the world. I’m obsessed with their culture/way of life, religion, artefacts, attraction centres, myths, etc. I’d love more than anything to visit their tombs, and see the places where their Pharaohs were buried. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of gold and ancient artefacts in those tombs; and thats what I’m eager to see. I love anything that’s old; like from centuries ago, anything that’s mysterious too, and, related to an old curse of some sort. And, Egypt has those things. I’d also love to see the Sphinx; and go in if possible. I’d love to hopefully hold a hand torch in one of their ancient buildings while reading the inscriptions on the walls and hearing stories about it. Most importantly, I’d love to see Cleopatra’s tomb, and listen to myths about Osiris (my favourite Egyptian god), and Anubis. I’d also love to ride a camel under the burning sun.


I can’t travel and not mention Miami. Miami, Florida; a place for parties on the beach! And who doesn’t love a beach party? Miami looks so cool and the weather seems hot which makes it perfect for a day at the beach; and there are so many things to do on a beach. One of which includes surfing; or like I call it, hitting those waves. Miami is a place to have fun and I love fun! Lastly, New York, which is a great place to visit! There’s so much to do but everything’s on a bigger scale; and being a called New Yorker sounds so cool. The museums are great, and the shopping is amazing. Central Park is a must-see. I’d love to see the Statue of Liberty and obviously take a selfie there. The weather is amazing, plus, the people seem gangster which is something I love.

There you have it, what I would spend my money on if I ever won a lottery. Although I talked more about travelling, but that also involves endless shopping, food, pictures, and so much more. Would I invest the money if I ever won a Powerball lottery? Yes, I’d invest it in travelling around the world because travelling is the only thing you can spend money on that’ll make you richer and my goal isn’t just to have lots of money; but to travel and explore everything I possibly can. What would you do/spend your money on if you won a lottery?

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