As bloggers, we sometimes lack motivation to blog or even write posts when we know what we want to write about. It’s hard finding the time to blog with so much work to do during the day; and even when we have the time, we just want to rest or take a break. Honestly, blogging is time consuming and there’s no perfect blogging tip that’ll work for everyone as we all have something that works for us. Sometimes, taking pictures for the post or promoting it isn’t the hardest part, but, writing the post is. Yes, writing is always the fun part but when you’re up and about, with so much work to do which leaves you feeling stressed out, writing the post becomes just another work you need a break from.

So many bloggers lack the motivation to come up with ideas for blog posts; but luckily, I’ve found what works for me already. So, after that step, the next is writing the blog post which sometimes we get stuck on, or bored of. Luckily, I found what works for me and I don’t have to procrastinate every time I want to work on a post as I might end up never writing the post which is a waste of a perfectly good post. First and foremost, before I start writing, I disconnect myself from the internet so nothing at all distracts me, I do everything I have to do and make sure I’m comfortable and well rested so I can be focused and determined to finish the post because once I leave it half way, I’ll probably never go back to it.


I do everything on my phone and I go everywhere with it so I can even lay on my bed and work on the post. I found that writing posts during the day wasn’t really working for me as I would get distracted by even the slightest thing and leave the post; plus I might be stressed during the day and lose interest to even write. So, my best trick is to stay up late; as it’s something I usually do. Most of my blog posts were written late in the night; sometimes I stay up till 2am just to finish a blog post because when it’s late, I’m more relaxed, I won’t get too distracted, I can easily brainstorm, and everywhere will be quiet which helps me think better and still feel relaxed.

I mostly type when it’s dark so all my attention will be focused on my screen as that’ll be the only light available; and when I’m done, I rest. Like right now, it’s 10:48pm; I turned off all the lights, and I’m relaxed so I can easily finish this post without getting distracted and although I don’t always re-read the post that same night, I tend to read it the next day so I can make every necessary corrections. I found that this technique works well for me because no matter how stressed I am during the day, I almost always stay up late because my head is a noisy place. So rather than wasting my time on the internet, I become productive instead and I can write a lot of posts that very night depending on how tired I am.

Is this something I’ll advice bloggers to do? Yes, because let’s face it, during the day we work a lot doing one thing or the other; except we’re always free which is the time we choose to spend on the internet. During the day, everyone’s busy; everywhere’s noisy and it’s hard to brainstorm properly. But in the night, everyone’s quiet and tucked away; either sleeping or doing something on the internet; plus it’s a time to rest and be comfortable which is also a time to get blog posts written because the brain will be well rested and ready to receive information as well as give out information; except you’re beyond exhausted after a crazy day.

Late night productivity has been the best for me so far and even if I’m unable to save the post to my draft that night, I do it the next day after I’ve read, added or removed, and corrected any information. Is this something I’ll keep doing? In the long run, yes because I can’t possibly deal with having lectures during the day, getting assignments or uni work done, taking photos, and also writing a blog post that requires thinking whilst trying to maintain a social life. That’s why I choose to be productive in the night.

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  1. I tend to blog at different times during the day, it just depends on the day. I am a college student and have to blog at a time when I don’t have class. So some days I will blog earlier in the day, but some days I can’t blog until the afternoon. Writing blog posts helps me deal with the stresses of college

  2. This was a really interesting post. I’m completely the opposite; I need to switch-off by scrolling through the internet or reading or something at night, because it takes me so much time to get to bed after I’ve turned the lights off and am sitting in dark anyway. For me personally, writing late at night like this would have me up all night because I haven’t had the chance to unwind, but I’m glad it’s something that works for you!
    I am still trying to work out a plan which works with college, though, so we’ll see if I don’t resort to similar measures soon enough.

    1. Thanks. I totally understand because it’s the same with me; only during the day though because my day is a bit hectic but I’ve managed to work things out in the night

  3. Night time is the best time! It always have been for me the time to do my very own things (before blogging time already). It’s the time when I’m most creative cause -like you said- it’s the most peaceful time of day! I’ll stay awake anyway so why not utilize it.

    If you’r morning person it might be the best to wright in the morning unless you have to go to work soon…or maybe in the evening before bed time…During the day it’s quite hard to be focused on writing, that’s for sure!

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