If you don’t know what a vintage shirt is, well, vintage shirts are clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before this present day. They are also, in a way, known as retro/retrospective or “vintage style” which are clothes that copies the style of the previous era. By previous era I don’t mean those weird ugly clothes from way back; vintage shirts have been modernized to suit our style and they are sold on different sites like esty and eBay. You may even have one and not know it.

Vintage shirts

Vintage shirts are something I heard about last year or so and they’re absolutely cute. They come in different styles/designs, prints, patterns and fabric. Usually big/fluffy, they can be long sleeved or short sleeved and can be paired with anything; from skirts, to trousers, probably leggings and shorts. I love the diversity of vintage shirts and mostly their pattern because there can be different colours on just one shirt so you can pair it with any colour of trouser/skirt, top, and shoe of your choice without feeling/looking like a fashion disaster.

Due to it’s style, I usually wear it as a jacket – unbuttoned – or a top – buttoned. Best part is that it’s unisex so even a boy can rock a vintage shirt to up/change his style. They also come in brighter colours but I prefer to go with darker colours instead. As you can see in the pictures, I wore mine with a black sleeveless crop top, blue belly shorts and a black ankle converse because I feel like ankle converse go well with shorts; and also because I was aiming for more of a casual outfit. I chose to mix and match my outfit with similar colours on the shirt rather than going for a totally random colour like yellow which would’ve ended up as a disaster.

Besides going for a casual look, I wanted something funky and chic because vintage is beautiful and it has to be paired with modern outfits to give it more prominence. But, I didn’t just want to have it on shoulder the whole time without showing off what I wore inside; so I added a bit of flair by taking one part off my shoulder. Because I love off shoulder tops a lot, I treated the shirt instead like an off shoulder and let it down to my elbow so it wouldn’t be too low whilst having a part of it drop at my back with the other hand of the shirt on my shoulder. I love folding all my sleeves but this time, I choose not to do that as it was part of the style.

I also chose to go with a sleeveless crop top for two reasons. Firstly, to show a little bit of belly skin – which is why I chose to go with belly shorts – to make it look more modern, and also because I wanted to show a lot of skin – neck, shoulder, and my arm – when I drop the other hand of the shirt; adding to the flair, and I achieved that because if I had gone with a top that had sleeves, I wouldn’t have dropped the hand. And even if I did, it wouldn’t be as expected and I wouldn’t have gotten that flair. I could’ve gone with a normal trouser and any top of my choice but I was all about flair, showing some skin, and modernizing the vintage shirt to my taste which I also achieved. My hair is just a bonus.

There are so many ways to style and effortless rock a vintage shirt without looking vintage as well; and the diversity of this shirt is one of my favourite things because I can change the style as a many times as I want and still look good because it’s never ending. Thinking of changing your style a bit, why not go with vintage shirts?

Btw, my blog turns 1 today!

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