Blogging definitely isn’t an easy world to get into; people think it’s all about taking pictures and sitting to write some petty post that anyone; even a 5 year old can write. Wrong!! As bloggers, we know its way more than that as we have to take the perfect photos, edit the photos, sit for hours trying to come up with post ideas, try to write a post without getting bored or losing interest, publishing the post, promoting it on social media and then try to get people to read and even comment on the post; while trying to maintain a school, work, or social life. Dear non bloggers; it’s more than just writing a post and calling it a day, the struggle is real because we aren’t always motivated to do all those things.

As bloggers, I think we’ve all gotten to the point of feeling less motivated to blog, come up with post ideas, write posts, and do basically all that blogging stuff. We all blog daily or weekly and no matter what, we run out of ideas. I mean ideas just doesn’t fall magically from a tree or something when we reach that point; I wish it did. Questions like: What should I write about? When do I take photos and what photos should I take? And most importantly, how do I manage my time to run my blog when I have to work, read, or do something important? Then we begin to lack motivation because let’s face it; as long as your blog doesn’t make you millions; like loads and loads of millions, every other thing (work or school) will always be more important.

So, how do you stay motivated to blog? I’m someone who used to blog daily; 2 posts a day, every single day, non-stop. Until I finally found my niche; that was when I began to lack motivation to blog, come up with new post and also struggle to stick to a schedule. I started blogging less and went from blogging twice daily non-stop to blogging 2 or 3 times a week whenever I felt like doing it. It was hard to stay motivated as I slowly began to loose interest and lack the will to blog occasionally like I used to. And going from being a daily blogger to a weekly blogger who had to plan posts and take pictures when necessary was hard to adjust to.

Took some time to finally find what worked for me and the first thing I realised was to ignore the schedule. I couldn’t adjust and do what I wanted if I stuck to a schedule and was under pressure to post on a specific day at a specific time when I didn’t know what to write about. So I dropped the schedule and decided to post whenever I wanted. But, the most important thing is staying organised and planning/writing blog posts ahead of time. Sometimes I write posts and not publish them until I’m out of ideas or don’t want to write.

Here’s what I do. People have planners and all to write down post ideas for future purposes but I’m way too lazy to carry a book around so I use my phone. My phone goes everywhere with me so it’s easier to pick it up and start typing whatever; even on the road, in the kitchen, toilet, while I’m brushing or doing whatever. I can’t do most of that with a book; but I’m not condemning it, everyone with what works for them. We all have a note, memo or whatever in our phone’s where we type silly things instead of typing it as a message only to end up deleting it. I use memo so whenever an idea comes to my head or I’m brainstorming, I pick up my phone and write it down one after the other. Then I pick from the list to write whenever I’m ready depending on what I want to write about.


When I write a post, I tick it with an emoji rather than erase it from the list to show how far I’ve gone as I add more to the list. Although, in the long run, I delete some posts that I find irrelevant. Right now, I have 39 blog posts ideas and I’ve written on 18; this is the 19th one from the list. It makes it easier for me because while I add more ideas, I have a long list to choose from that’s in my niche (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) so I don’t have to stress myself coming up with post ideas when I can just scroll through my list and choose one like I did when I decided to write this post.

Also, when I write a topic, I put pointers in brackets so I remember what that post is about. This post is already too long so I can’t address when I write my posts, how I create the time to write, or the best time to write them. Maybe another time. Are you lacking blogging motivation? How do you stay motivated to write blog posts?

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  1. It also depends of what’s your target. If you want to maximize your readers, you have to think and work more. Some bloggers (I think) just write something. Its also possible. Then it’s more free. (I’m not one of those).

  2. I can totally relate Okoto, I have a ‘notes’ app on my phone with which i type all the ideas that drop. And when my hands are too busy to type immediately, I use the voice recorder to record the topic after which I expand on, later. Ideas always drop and one can look up things around or while reading and pick somethings up. The fact is, as a blogger, journaling is important. May it be be traditional paper and pen but in whichever way.

  3. I love this! I have a little book full of ideas for when I’m stuck, the list is already more than 6 pages long… I think I should do the same as you and write up some blog posts that I can put out there when I’m lacking motivation or ideas, this post has been super helpful!

  4. I keep notes on my phone too. It’s fun to go back sometimes and see a random thought or idea and have no idea what it originally meant, but I can usually turn it into something. I’ve been blogging once a week (on Sunday) every week for three years–it’s just become part of my routine.

  5. Brilliant post, really helpful. I am so bad at staying motivated and coming up with post ideas. Putting post ideas into the notes on your phone is such a great idea, I think I might start doing that xx

    1. Thanks. And you should, I started since June and it has been really helpful. Also, whenever I see a post on “post ideas” (that doesn’t make sense ?) I always read it because I get more ideas to add to my list

  6. Nice post ?? I definitely feel the lack of motivation with blogging sometimes. I too used a note on my phone with tons of random thoughts, it’s an easy way to quickly jot down an idea whenever it first hits you! x

    -Helene |

  7. Two posts a day! That is truly impressive. I struggle to find time to post 3 times a week, because full time work and life 😀 I do agree to the phone idea! I do something similar too, it’s just on a notebook app, because you don’t know when a great post idea will come up, and if you don’t write it down… well then, it’s as good as gone 🙂

    1. Haha now even I struggle with 3 posts a week as well ? and yeah, the phone idea has really been helpful because you never know when an idea will come up and if you don’t write it down, you might forget

  8. I love a good list. I’m always adding stuff whenever I think of it. If I don’t I will just forget it. Also like the mention about how hard it is! A lot of people don’t get how much work goes into every aspect of it.

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