PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey guys. Talking about beauty/makeup items, today’s post is about the 4 beauty products/make up items I possibly and literally cannot live without because they’re essential for my makeup look and I’d probably feel weird without them. Besides makeup complements an outfit. Let’s begin now, shall we?

1. Lipstick: Its literally the first on my list as it’s the one thing I love and everyone has noticed I always wear a lipstick when going out. I can be without any form of makeup but lipstick is a must as it’s very important for me. Be it dry, wet, matte, and whatever kind of lipstick, I love it; and I need more. Lipstick, for me, is essential for every outfit as it complements and finishes my look. I’ve talked about how I wear my lipstick and what colours I go for depending on my outfit. My favourite shade is red; but I haven’t used red in a while and I’m anxious to start using it again because they make me feel like a lady from the 70’s in a club; with a fur coat on my shoulder and a margarita in my hand.


2. Powder: Powder actually comes before foundation or concealer on the list because I can be without both and still feel comfortable with just powder on even though it doesn’t last long. But like the saying goes “what I don’t know won’t kill me” so if I don’t notice that my powder has gone off, I won’t be bothered to retouch my makeup. Yes it adds more definition to concealer and foundation; it actually makes them look brighter and more even. But sometimes I go with just powder as it’s easier to apply. Besides it’s essential for both the concealer and the foundation so either way, I’ll need it.

3. Eyeliner: Its so funny how drawing a line over our eyelid makes us feel 10× prettier. I mean; it’s just a black line; but in reality, it’s the perfect thing. Esp for people who have the perfect wings like Katie; I need her’s!!! I possibly couldn’t live without my liner because I can stay without drawing my brows but I’ll most definitely use my liner. They give that nice (kind of like smokey dark eye) look that makes us feel a million times beautiful! They have such power. Eyeliner is something I wouldn’t give up because then I wouldn’t have that flair when I wear makeup and it’ll feel almost empty; especially because I don’t use eyeshadow. So my eyes would feel naked when I need them to shine and sparkle.


4. Concealer: A new product that just joined my list; and now it’s something I can’t live without as well. I’ve also talked about concealer– I use the matte oil-free liquid concealer and because I have an oily skin; I avoid the cream or stick concealers. Also, I mostly want to brighten my face so I use the yellow tinted concealer that matches my skin tone. I love the look of the concealer after I blend and finish it with setting powder because of how even and toned it looks; and still so natural. Not to mention that it hides any spot I might have; and I use it for my brows as well. I simply love concealer and it’s something I’ll keep using in the long run.

I guess makeup is a bit addictive once you actually love and enjoy it; then we need more and just can’t get enough. They’re part of luxuries; in a way. But above all the products I listed, the most important thing to me is lipstick as I barely take any picture without them on and I just need more of them than any other product. Lipsticks are my go-to makeup item. Are there any products you can’t live without? What’s your favourite product? What’s your go-to makeup item?
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  1. I can’t do without a lipstick and powder too. I am not really a makeup fan, but I always use these two items

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