PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. Today I’ll talk about my favourite go-to hairstyle; my one in all hairstyle which is braids. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my hair in most of the picture is braided; thats because I love it! I can go from one style and colour to another. People always ask why I love braiding my hair but, to me, its the perfect hairstyle that can be designed in any way. It is effortless and flawless; although it takes time to get it done. It’s the one hairstyle I’ll recommend because even Beyoncé does it; it can be at any length possible and still look fabulous.

Braids is a style of hair in which the hair is interweavon into thin/fat locks through passing lengths or strands of hair over and under one another. I got my hair braided for the first time when I was eight years old; and I didn’t braid it until I was thirteen or fourteen which was when my real love for braids started and I couldn’t get enough of it. I go mostly long; to my waist, but I recently tried short braids and it’s one of the best decisions I made because I’m obsessed with it! There are also different colours to try out as I’ve used red, brunette, brown and black. I’ve seen girls with pink, white, green, grey, gold, and so many colours with different styles; both thin and fat, long and short.

There are different ways to style braids; and being someone who’s creative, I’ve tried out different styles; but I still can’t get enough of it as there are many ways to style it. With each style complimenting my outfit and making the hair look even prettier.
1. You can use a bandana (my fave), tying it from the back- all the way to the front- not too far from the where the hair starts. You can either let the hair fall, or pack everything up; into a bun/donut; mostly for long braids. For the short hair, you can tie the bandana wherever you choose and just leave your hair like that.

2. You can pack a section- half of the hair from the front- up; either into a bun, or leaving it to fall either backwards or sideways, still, leaving the back down to compliment the front. For both long and short braids.
3. You can take a little section of your hair from the left or the right and merge it with a few pieces from the opposite angle, interweaving both pieces down so your hair can face whichever direction you choose. Long braids as well.

4. For both short and long hair, you can just put your hair at an angle; either to the left or to the right. For short braids, I usually use hair pin to keep the hair locked in so the hair is only where I want it to be. For long hair, I usually use a bandana and just take it to the side; it stays there most of the time. Sometimes I use a pin to keep part of it locked in so I can let hair from the locked angle fall out

5. You can take half of the centre of your hair and make it into a bun, let the back fall, take a few pieces from both sides of your hair and tie it at the back.

6. Sometimes I just let it fall. I give it the freedom to move however it wants and I just go with the flow. It’s usually the best if you ask me.

7. Sometimes when I drop it, I take one piece from both sides of my hair and slightly tie it at the back so its not too tight, then I take a few pieces of the hair over my shoulder and leave some behind so it looks fun and normal at the same time. One of the best for long hair.

There are so many other ways to style braids; despite the colour and length as well. But I can’t possibly say everything; especially as I have to dig through my pictures to find some of the styles. Braids is a hairstyle that’s simply amazing and easy to style depending on your choice of length; but no matter what, the result is endless. Unlike your normal hair, you can style and design braids in different ways to make it look new. I’ve seen big braids look amazing! I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully I will soon enough. Have you braided your hair? Do you love braids? How often do you braid your hair?

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