PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey guys; another fashion post today; but this time, on 4 pairs of shoes every lady needs to have in her wardrobe. As a lady, different occasion calls for different outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and shoes to match. For a simple make up look, you can read my post on HOW I APPLY MY MAKEUP.    You just can’t wear the wrong shoe on the wrong outfit to the wrong occasion; that’s why you need these 4 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe as a clothing/shoe essential.

What shoes exactly do ladies need to have? With different types of shoes, they all belong to different categories; so its up to you to choose a shoe from a category to match your outfit. These are the 4 must have shoes every lady needs no matter what.

1. Flats: Flats aren’t my favourites but they are my substitute when I don’t want to wear converse; especially heels. They range from different colours, styles, and types; but I love black more because it goes with absolutely any colour; and ballet/pointed flats. Its easy to carry around- in your bag- so when your feet hurts after walking all day in heels, you can change; it’s also pretty comfortable; as long as it’s the right size. It can be worn with any type of gown; long or short, trousers, skirts, even shorts. The possibility is vast; and it’s good for any occasion whatsoever! Not everyone can walk in heels; and to be honest, we all started out with flats because they’re so easy to strut in.

2. Converse/sneakers/vans: I honestly don’t know what people call it; but these are my favourite pair of shoes! The one thing I wear to basically every occasion with literally every outfit; it’s vast and so easy to pull off with almost any outfit. Being a lover of trousers; these are my go-to shoes for everything; with black, blue, even brown; depending on my outfit and makeup. They go with trousers (duh) jump suits, dungarees/overalls, pinafore, short gowns, skirts, shorts, demin, and whatever outfit you can think of. I wear converse for outings, to lectures, weddings, when travelling, and basically everywhere I go. It always compliment my outfit no matter what I wear.

3. Sandals: Not a huge fan of sandals as well but it’s also recommended because with having to wear cover toe shoes probably all the time, your leg needs a break, and some air. That’s where sandals come in. It’s actually great because it comes in different styles, colours, designs, and straps to suit your need and whatever outfit you choose. Just like flats; they are quite comfortable and can be fastened as well. I rarely wear sandals; just like every once in a while when I want to take a short break from converse. They can be worn with trousers, gowns, or skirts. I also recommend slippers (flip-flops) not outdoors though; only indoors.

4. Heels: Lets face it, no matter what we choose to wear, our options always come down to heels when it’s for an important occasion and you have to look elegant and classy. When you work in a “suit and tie” office or in a huge firm/corporation, you can’t obviously wear converse or flats; heels is a must. Going on a romantic date? Heels! Going for a red carpet event? Heels! A late night party? Probably heels! Out with the single ladies? Definitely heels! They were made for ladies to strut in and strike that pose. Every lady needs to have one, or know someone who owns a pair just in case the need arises. I think heels are much perfect for short gowns; to show off those legs, longs gowns as well; just not below the ankle, and trousers, to give that tall, feminine impression. And at most, 5/6 inches should be perfect; except you’re Lady Gaga.

Besides these 4 types of shoes, you can also own a pair of boots, loafer, gladiators, moccasin, and many others. Shoes are one of the perfect accessories that compliment any outfit and it has to be the right shoe with the right outfit for the right occasion. You don’t want to go out wishing you had worn something different. And if you go with heels, I advice taking a pair of flats along so you can switch whenever the need arises. Do you have any of these shoes? What type of shoes do you have? Which do you prefer or like best?

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  1. This is such a good post! Sandals aren’t my favourite type of shoe either, I only wear them if I have to like if I’m going abroad ? Sneakers are my only essential, I literally live in them, I just have like sandals, heels and flats for the odd occasion ? Very true tho that every woman needs these shoes, I strongly agree ?

    1. Hahaha thank you. I barely own sandals; just a few that I wear whenever I want to take a stroll or buy something ? sneakers are my ultimate because they never fail; even when my feet hurts ?

  2. That’s so true comfort is your best friend. Now that I am older comfort comes first. I still style my cute shoes but I always have a spare in my purse.

  3. I am all in for comfort first and even last. So I usually wear either my vans or flats depending on where I am going. But in summer I also like to wear sandals. I have a pair of yokono and they are really comfy.

    1. I’m all about comforts as well; that’s why I go for converse all the time, and sometimes flats depending on what I want to wear but I only wear heels when I want to take selfies ?

  4. These shoes are perfect for almost every occasion! I practically live in sneakers but I think this post could inspire me to change things up a bit 🙂

    1. Hahaha walking with heels is a bit hard but once you get used to it, it becomes easy. I mean; Beyonce dances in heels and its crazy!! I’m also a huge fan of sneakers; they’re my go-to footwear for every occasion ?

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