PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. After taking some outfit photos in my post about checks which I was actually proud of, I decided to take more outfit photos so I could talk more about styling specific clothes because why not? Today I’ll be talking about a clothing essential I think every lady needs which is mini skirts. I’m definitely not a fan of skirts at all; I’d go with gown any day, but mini skirts is a yes because I love short outfits; anything short is a yes for me. I get to show my legs and still look good; best of both world’s if you ask me.

Mini skirts

Mini skirts aren’t exactly my faves as I love shorts more but they’re definitely something every lady should have in their wardrobe; from belly mini to waist mini, fitted, slit, fled, etc; it is a clothing essential for every lady no matter their size and height. As a tall person with long legs which are skinny of course, mini skirt is something I love because there’s nothing better than showing off my legs as they’re my favourite accessory. Mini skirts come in different styles, designs, prints, colours, you name it. It is effortless and an outfit anyone can slay.

As you can see in the pictures, I chose a fled belly mini skirt- grey colour I think so I could pair it with a crop top- neon pink. I wanted to make it a bit dramatic so I paired it with a grey (the fur) and pink (the body) colour fur coat to match both the top and the skirt. The pink colour in the fur coat was barely visible so it matched the colour of the skirt more. I decided to pair it with neon pink to add a pop of colour and brighten the outfit because grey obviously isn’t a bright colour.

Like I said in my previous post, neon glows and as such, it attracts attention to any outfit, dull or not. The fur coat has a touch of pink in it so I decided to go with pink as well to give it that funky vibe. Rather than pairing this outfit with a black (or pink) shoe- heel, wedge, gladiator, etc- I chose to add another pop of colour by pairing it with a cream and lemon colour shoe- the cream is the colour of front part while the lemon is the back so its more of party in the front, business in the back. The cream colour is like the main colour of the shoe and being a bright colour as well, I felt it was perfect to mix and match with a different colour that’s similar to – but not- white.

Why did I choose fur instead of pairing it with a normal jacket? Fur is more of an 80’s kind of outfit; something classic and chic. Choosing a belly mini skirt and a crop top which has been adapted into the 21st century and made more modern, I decided to add a little bit of flair and make a fashion statement by pairing it with a fur coat because I felt it would be plain or ordinary going with a normal jacket. The mini skirt wouldn’t have looked perfect if I had gone with a plain jacket; except something really bright; but then I would have to go with a different inner- maybe white.

I chose a fled skirt because of the prints; tight fitted skirts barely have prints; and they’re normal. Plus I was going for a chic, classic, but still modern look. The crop top and the shoe were meant to complement the skirt; giving it more prominence, while the fur was meant to finish the look and give it that dazzle everyone who wears fur aims at. There are so many ways to style and rock a mini skirt and still look fabulous while showing off those legs. I love the diversity of mini because it can be paired with anything and any colour; ranging from sleeveless tops to jackets, converse, flats, leggings under, and basically anything you wish to pair it with. And it can be worn to basically any occasion because the style is vast.

Skirt from H&M
Crop top from Top Shop
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  1. Mini skirts are a definite essential for summer for me, I much prefer them to dresses because you can style them with so much! Love the outfit as well x

  2. I’m not a fan of the fur for ethical reasons(but for all I know, the coat was secondhand so who am I to judge?), but I do love the look of this whole outfit! The colors work well together.
    That said, the neon doesn’t come through in your photos, it looks more pastel to me, giving it a more living-doll sort of look, which I totally dig.

    And those shoes! Slay gurl, SLAY. :O

    1. Hahaha thanks! The brightness of the picture didn’t make it look like neon but I liked it either way? and I love fur; they’re chic and really easy to style on anything because they complement and finish the whole outfit

      1. I think it looks lovely too. That’s why I mentioned that I was hoping it was secondhand. I own quite a few secondhand leather bags because they’re better quality and whatnot(and I honestly don’t view leather as more ethical than fur, so it is what it is, haha. We can have our cake and eat it too!). ?
        And yeah, it was really bright. I try to get my photos to look true to color, personally, because I want the outfit but sometimes that darn sun just doesn’t want to cooperate! ?

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