PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey guys. Talking about checks, they are like one of my favourite outfits ever! I love wearing them more as jackets than normal tops/shirts. They’re in my sequence of jean jackets, checks, and then blazers; all my favourite “throw it on a singlet/crop top and rock it as a jacket” kind of outfit. Sometimes I wear it as a normal top; on trouser and button it. It looks good either way.


As a lover of black, checks are something I love because of their pattern made up of a grid of squares of alternating pop of colours; especially red. I get to wear something other than black; but with more colour as it’s bright and flashy; and still looks good on blue or black jean. I love this style because of its long sleeves; and I don’t like long sleeves actually. But I enjoy folding them to my elbow and somehow alternating the style to give it some kind of flair. The patterns are actually the beauty of this outfit because of the colours; it’s not too much or too dull.

Checks are actually good during bright weather; when the sun is out because it reflects on it; beautifying the colour even more and giving more attention to such an outfit. With it being a bright colour, it should also be paired with bright colours to give it that glow. As seen in the pictures, I used a bright pink lipstick, a bright blue belly trouser, and a light peach (slightly white) crop top so a little bit of skin shows at my belly, and so all the colours will be uniform rather than pairing a bright colour with a dull one. But rather than going with converse/vans like I usually do, I matched my outfit with a pair of six inch red bottom heels to make it look a bit classy and not too casual.

On the subject of pairing it with a bright inner, I’ve also gone full on neon pink because neon glows so it attracts more attention to the check rather than my trouser or shoe. And depending on my makeup; it also gives it more prominence. That’s why I always wear bright makeup whenever I go for check; but I try to mix and match with similar colours so I don’t end up looking like a rainbow. So for red check, I pair it with pink inner, blue (sometimes black) jean, and definitely black shoe. But not red; definitely not red because it’ll go horribly wrong.


I love the diversity of checks because it can be paired with basically anything and everything. From jean trousers to jean skirts, shorts, and even with gowns. It can be worn as a jacket-unbuttoned, a top-buttoned, used as an accessory-tied on the waist, or just thrown on the shoulder as a form of “over the shoulder” jacket. There are so many ways to style and wear checks; the styling is vast and enormous. And this summer, being a season of bright pop of colours is definitely a time for styling and rocking checks.

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  1. Love this, I am always wearing check shirts! Loving your little blog here, so glad I found it pretty lady! x

  2. Love this look too! I work in a machine shop, so I’m stuck wearing pants… A LOT.
    I’m sure I’ll get utilizing something like this before long because I can button up the longer shirt until I get off work, hehe.

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