PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey guys. There are literally so many beauty products on the rage now and such difficulty in choosing a product/brand to buy from because our bank accounts won’t let us buy everything, and our need for more won’t let us be okay with buying everything. I decided to write on my beauty/makeup wishlist which as a matter of fact should be more than what I’ve actually written down. And I may be obsessed with a few brands already. With that said, let’s start now, shall we?

1. Bobbi Brown: One of my favourite brands already; and I just recently tried them out for the first time. I got their concealer brush a few months back and I hadn’t used it until later. The first time I used it, I was like “wow! Wow! Woooow! Seriously, wow!” It was that amazing! I fell in love with the brush ever since because it’s super soft! The softest brush I have ever used! It felt like I was using a feather; or like I had been kissed by an angel. I didn’t want to stop using it on my face because it felt incredibly good; not to mention that it blends the concealer really well and makes my brow look so natural. Since then, I’ve loved Bobbi Brown; and I want basically all their products; and their brush set. If they make clothes; that’ll be on my list.

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2. Indy Luxe: I came across their brushes a few months back on insta and then on Twitter; it was basically on everything sm. I’ve also read so many great reviews about it. Their brushes are to die for!!! Simply gorgeous and beyond beautiful! Eye catching, elegant, and not to mention how classy their name is. The rose gold and pink pearlescent were really beautiful and so dreamy. Not a fan of pink but I loved the pearlescent one despite the fact that it was pink. I wanted to get it but the shipping cost was way more than the price for the brushes so I had to leave it; heart broken. And seeing how everyone had it, and how it went out of stock was devastating. But I’d really love to get the brushes despite the fact that it’s out of stock because it’s super beautiful and hard to let go off. And now they have rainbow brushes which are beyond words at the moment! Again; its to die for! Due to my love for them, I joined their squad so you lovely people can get a 20% discount off their brushes using my code OKOTOENIGMA20′ So exciting!

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3. Spectrum: They newly joined my list; after seeing how amazing their brushes, and packaging is. They are at the top of the chart and obviously so because their brushes are insane! The colours are so beautiful as well. They’re killing it at the moment with so many brushes that come in different colours, styles/designs, and not to forget, their packaging. Everything’s super elegant and being in the game for so long, I see why everyone has them. I just can’t see their brush set and not die to have them because every new brush they create is better than the last; and they’re all so fancy looking.

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Bobbi Brown: I said I was already obsessed with a few brands; and this brand is one of them. What’s not to love about their products? Their shades of lipstick is simply breath taking; and I love different colours of lipsticks, especially red. Not to mention how shiny the lipstick cases look. It comes in different styles as well; and I already love the one that’s slanted. Their lipsticks are amazing and I’d love to try each and every one of them out because I probably won’t be able to choose from so many gorgeous shades. Besides, if their brushes feels so amazing, I can only imagine how their lipstick is.

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Nyx: This is a “yes please!” One more brand I’m becoming obsessed with; they have the perfect eyeliners!! I’ve seen people try them out and their wing is legit! Their product is just amazing! I hate my eyeliners because they never give me that perfect bombshell wing that Nyx liner can; and the volume is just wonderful- from the dry pencil liner to the liquid liner! I have no words to describe how perfect their liner is. And I love wings because they give that “sassy, fabulous, flaunt it” look; like Katie’s own, always on point! This is definitely a product I need to have and I’d love to try it out so I can take lots of selfies and gush about my wings.

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L’ Oreal: They have so many foundations for different skins types and tone; ranging from matte foundation for oily skin, to cream foundation for dry skin and basically everything in between. I don’t really have a hard time choosing because I have an oily skin and my concealer is matte so definitely matte foundation as well. Their foundation is long lasting; I mean 24hrs! A whole day without having to worry about touching your makeup; yes please! It just can’t get any better than this. I saw a few before and after pictures about it and the after results were stunning! A flawless, even finish, uniform look. There was literally no fault whatsoever or any mistake; it was just perfect. And bonus, they’re such an amazing brand!

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1. Bobbi Brown: Once again, Bobbi Brown; but this time, their mascara. They literally have to be one of the best beauty brands that’s leading the way. I have the worse lashes ever and I desperately need a mascara to tame, and hopefully make my lashes better. As one of the best brands, I’m pretty sure their mascara can do the trick perfectly! I’ve also seen a before and after picture of this and the volume is impeccable! Besides, look at the wand; it’ll literally get my lashes in shape and make them look normal. Another product I’d love to try out.

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Both Nyx and Bobbi Brown mascara

2. Nyx: You really didn’t think I wouldn’t mention Nyx. Just like the Bobbi Brown mascara, these are also perfect, and something I’ll need to get my lashes in shape. Using this with their liner, I’ll most definitely get the perfect eye makeup; something that’ll stand out and look so flawless! My eye makeup will be on point and it’ll just be amazing. I can already imagine it; and I haven’t even tried it but looking at that wand, I can expect a perfect lash with just one application. It’ll literally sweep the mess away and make my lashes feel brand new; something I definitely want. Another amazing product I’d love to try for that flawless look!

Nyx: Once again, nyx has this one. I’m literally after their products for eye makeup. Look at that palette; those colours, and the glittery ones. It’s guaranteed for a stunning look; one that’ll have everyone talking. With such gorgeous colours, paired with their liner and mascara, what more could anyone need? Their eyeshadow palette is beyond beautiful; and with so many to choose from, it’ll be a long, and hard decision to make. Nyx is definitely another product I’ve become obsessed with after seeing so many results from people who’ve tried out their products and it’s obviously something I’d love to try out as well.

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Though I mentioned Bobbi Brown and Nyx more, other brand products are just as amazing as these; as it is with every other brand mentioned. I’m only into the same products as I like being consistent with one rather than changing products all the time. Because, if one is already good, why change over and over? These are some of the brand products on my wishlist and something I need to have because they’re all amazing! Do you have any of these products? Which brand do you prefer? Would you recommend any of these products?
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  1. Nice Post Okoto! I like your posts so much. You write your matter in a post very clearly and I always read your full posts and I don’t miss anything because I like to read your posts especially beauty posts.

          1. Well then you can use my code OKOTOENIGMA20′ to get a 20% discount ? and they have a new brush coming out; it’s amazing!!! Everyone’s dying to get it?

  2. Wow!! such a beautiful collections of makeup brushes.i have used makeup brushes,but these collection are very attractive with colors.The lip shades are too good.what are the lip shades name?

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