PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. Today I’ll be addressing a topic I’ve always wanted to talk about for months but never really had the time to. I’ll be talking about embracing body confidence; something I struggled with for years.

Body confidence/being confident in your own skin and body, for me, basically has to do with accepting yourself for who you are; and your flaws, loving every inch of your body, not caring about what people say and just being who you are, as well as being positive. Simply being genuinely happy with yourself, and your body. Yes, we’ll definitely have insecurities, and probably want to look different than we already are. But once you embrace your flaws and accept yourself, things change completely!


I’ve had lots of insecurities but my biggest was being too skinny. Every single person I came across made fun of me for being too thin and I hated myself for that. I tried eating as much as I could but I could never gain any weight. I’d stare at myself in the mirror and just hate how skinny I looked; I was never happy with myself despite how I pretended to be. I felt ugly and ridiculous. I literally hated myself so much and I wanted to look different; to feel different. I could never really post a full picture because whenever I did, I got made fun of and I’d end up removing it and just post facial pictures instead. It was actually really bad because my twin sister was fatter and I wasn’t so basically everyone would compare us and make me feel like it was my fault for being too thin.

I couldn’t post a picture of the both of us because of all the silly jokes made. I’ve even be compared to an ant and a few month old baby because supposedly, they’re fatter. Time went by, and the criticism never stopped; it still hasn’t stopped anyway. But I decided to stop hating myself because I realised that there were people who wanted to be as skinny as I was and who even asked me how to do it, plus I’ve even been told to go for modelling. I realised that I didn’t create myself; and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t put on weight so why bother and be ashamed to post a full body picture or put on shorts? Why hate myself when it wasn’t doing me any good?


I decided to accept myself; skinny or not, ugly or not, fat or not, because I am who I am regardless. Hating myself didn’t make me fat. Loving myself didn’t either; but it made me happy. The crazy thing about body confidence is that no one is ever happy with themselves until they choose to be; you can buy all the makeup in the world, get so many surgeries done, fix here and there, but if you don’t FEEL confident, you just aren’t no matter how perfect you look. Real perfection comes from inside; how you view yourself. People will see you differently but what actually matters is how you see yourself and how you feel. Now, I wear shorts as much as I like and I can post a full picture because I’m okay with who I am.

Self confidence technically is when you can look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself regardless of your insecurities and flaws. When you can say “I’m beautiful”, “I’m perfect the way I am”, or “I love myself” and actually mean it because it’s coming from within. We can’t always be perfect. Self confidence is what you feel; and a little of what you think; not what others say, or see. If hating yourself could make you happy, you could’ve gotten there already. Why not try something different? Have you ever struggled with self confidence? What are your biggest insecurities? Have you learned to love yourself?

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  1. I love your posts because you inspire people and you are lucky that you are skinny because atleast you get jeans of your choice. Whenever I go to the market for purchasing jeans I always find skinny jeans everywhere which is not my fitting, I like boyfriend jeans because it fits me but I didn’t find it in market or mall so I purchasing it online. Sometimes I’m angry at trends because now a days skinny jeans are more trendy than any other jeans.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s also hard to find jeans that fit me perfectly because of my waist size so I end up sewing most trousers to my size. Sucks most times but at least they become my perfect size

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