PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone; today I have a fashion guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith from highstylife.com and this is one post I love because Instagram is literally the big thing now. She talks about the outfits that will make every lady (fashion bloggers esp) a queen of Instagram which we all have to admit is something we want. After this, we literally have to go shopping. Let’s begin now.

It’s no secret that Instagram has become the Mecca and Medina of all the information we’re interested in having. Whether that same information had something to do with celebrities, fitness, cooking, art, makeup, fashion, our summer crushes, funny (yet very true!) memes or world news (ok, this one not as much), Instagram is the go-to place to check up on what’s #trending. It’s even truer that Instagram fashion blogging has become a thing on its own, an independent fashion bubble if you will and we’re all religiously following it.

It is not unusual for Instagram bloggers to be the first to predict a fashion trend, a vibe or an up-and-coming fashion obsession we’ll all be going crazy over in just a few weeks/months after having first spotted it on our favorite Instagram blogger’s profile. For that, we promise to never stop scrolling through their fabulous Insta feeds! Still, what we will do is take things from admiring Instagram fashion bloggers’ flawless stylish tricks to trying to copy them (why not!) by imitating the vibes they’re oozing and learning easy ways to achieve gorgeous outfits. We’ve gathered a group of outfits that have been Instagrammed the most lately and made a list for your own viewing (and stealing).

Ruffles Everywhere
We have never thought ruffles will be back but they apparently are, and they are everywhere. From the catwalks of New York and Milan to streets of virtually every capital, we’re seeing ruffles embellishing shoulders, gracing maxi lengths, being used as ornaments to clean cuts or existing independently in forms of all-ruffled tops and dresses. They are embraced for every size and we can spot them in virtually all colors and patterns. The predominant pattern though is checkered (often blue and white) while white, pastels and black seem to be the favorite ruffle color.

Off Shoulder Top/Dress to Wow

Off shoulder tops and dresses started grabbing spotlight last year only to become the ‘’it’’ thing of 2017. We never saw it coming but off shoulder models (whether it’s both shoulders or just one) have taken streetwear as well as more glam scene by the storm. Whether we are talking clean cut or ruffle, off shoulder is definitely one of the favorite trends of our favorite fashion bloggers. Tops are cropped or regular-length while dresses vary from maxi to knee-length. We’ve been seeing a lot of calf-lengths, too.

Also, we’ve noticed that the lower the sleeve and the puffier the ruffle of your off shoulder top/dress – the better. So, to wow in your Insta snap, just let those shoulders show! Grace your neck and collarbones with a choker and a bulk of necklaces or go for a choker and hoops. This look is everything right now.


Playsuits for Everything
Hello Fashion, we’re in love! Playsuits are everywhere and they’ve never been as cute, glamorous, stylish, luxurious, easy, chill, bohemian, lacy… (you get the gist) as they are now! We’ve been seeing playsuits cute and mini, in cheerful summer colors and too-cute-to-handle prints (cherries, unicorns, ice-cream cones, etc) but also extremely expensive-looking with their bell legs and rich colors such as red, yellow, white, emerald green and deep blue.

There’s a lot of lace and satin involved in this playsuit drama also and we simply cannot look away. The cuts are exciting and very stylish, so much so we feel we’ve found our favorite look for the summer. Worn with flat gladiators or heels, playsuits we’ve been seeing around are absolutely out of this world.

Kaftan and Swimwear on the Beach
Whether you are wearing it on the beach while you best friend is taking one of those “spontaneous” photos or for a brunch/coffee date, Kaftans won’t ever betray you. We can’t help but notice our favorite bloggers actively bringing them back, often pairing them with India-inspired/Boho jewelry, large brim hats, and chill footwear. Kaftans are just beautiful and they agree with every size and shape. Yes, everyone is wearing the mentioned. And, yes – we all look the same… but we also kind of love it.

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