PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. Today I have another fashion post by A Shade of Mikachuu whom you can also find on Instagram, and she’ll be talking about the recipe for the perfect hoodie! I for one love hoodies and I just wear them over a shirt when its cold but Mika here has addressed the perfect way to style hoodies. Let’s begin now; shall we?

Mondays; the hardest day of the week to pick out what to wear, well at least for some of us. We see a hoodie we’ve worn like 193746 times and grab it and decide to go with it. Is this okay? Totally! Monday’s are perfect for hoodies, in fact every single day is! But the question is;should we update our hoodie collection, and if so what criteria should we follow?! So usually there’s just one criteria for choosing a hoodie to wear,which is the size, amirite? But no, if you’re a fashion lover like myself, you gotta have your own personal criteria before picking out your hoodie.

For me I have a bunch of plain ones too of course, but I want to expand more on my hoodie collection-to mix and match more- which is why I decided to do this post. This post features one of my all time favourite hoodies. I’ve broken each part of it down literally (like a recipe)- in terms of details and also picture wise- to create the criteria I will be using for the next hoodie shopping spree I go on.

First Let’s Cover the Basics of The Recipe for a Perfect Hoodie: Size Choice + Colour Choice
My hoodie collection ranges from medium to extra large. This choice of course depends on you, if you want a more relaxed one, opt for the extra large one duh! Opt for medium sized ones if you’ll be pairing it with something that’s high waisted. As for the colour choices,now that’s a hard one! I have to say my current collection is heavy on the grey but I do aim for having a more colorful collection. Colour choice is actually a hard one. After all, you don’t wanna be walking around with a hoodie with 10 different patches of colour on it…or do you? That would be a very interesting choice; I’m actually intrigued now. But back to what I was saying, if you’ll be mix and matching that hoodie, choose appropriate colours.

If you go with the brightly coloured monotone hoodies, pair them with darker bottoms, or if you wanna go all out there perhaps similar colours to that hoodie or lighter versions of the original colour and vice versa with darker coloured hoodies. As for non-monotone hoodies, you will be able to mix and match those with any of the colours found on the hoodie. So make sure you have something to pair with any of the colours found on the hoodie. Mine, as you’ll see later on, gave me the option of mix and matching it with several colors.

Now Down to the Nitty-Gritty Choices for a Perfect Hoodie: Graphics + Accessories
Hoodies with graphics are being worn more than ever now and they should be! Not only are hoodies with graphics aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also easy to mix and match. Switch up your bottoms to whatever colour you find on the graphics.

You can also add accessories such as head bands and earrings with similar colours to the graphics to accessorize and let the graphics stand out. Of course if you’ll be wearing that graphic hoodie to work/school, opt for appropriate graphics. Whereas if you know you’ll never wear that hoodie to work/school and that you’ll be wearing it elsewhere, you are granted permission (by society, not me) to go all out and crazy. On mine there was a combo of patterns and graphics which gave me more flexibility in terms of colour to mix and match the hoodie with.

Perfect hoodie

And finally accessories, and no this time I’m not referring to the extra accessories you could wear, but the ones you can find on the hoodies instead . Yup, you read that right. As well as graphic hoodies being worn more than ever now, there are also hoodies with accessories being worn more too. These accessories can range from non-functioning zips attached to the hoodie, to things attached to the drawstring, to things attached to the actual hood of the hoodie. These accessories add an extra oomph to your outfit, and it won’t matter if you don’t want to add extra accessories, or you’re simply too lazy to wear extra accessories, this got you covered! On mine there were these cute ears on them, and I absolutely love them!

Perfect hoodie

Now time for the full reveal!

Perfect hoodie

That hoodie, right there, for me is what the recipe of a perfect hoodie produces. This hoodie is and will be the inspiration which helped me deduce the perfect hoodie criteria. I hope this was somewhat useful post! I hope it offered you some insight in what to look at on your next hoodie haul and to be able to get hoodies which you can mix and match as you will. I’d love to hear what you guys consider as the perfect criteria to buy a hoodie you can effectively mix and match. Do share your thoughts below in the comments!
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