PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. Last month, I made some changes in my site which helped grow my Domain Authority in less than a month, and also increased my site’s quality. After so much effort, I got tired of struggling and gave up on increasing my DA because no matter how I tried, it remained at 1.

I, however, decided to focus more on improving my site’s performance internally. Towards the end of last month, I decided to analyse my site and make some internal changes. Later on, when I checked my DA at the beginning of this month, I was surprised to see that my DA had gone up so fast without having to guest post. Wondering how it happened? Here’s how I grew my Domain Authority from 1 to 24 in less than a month without realising it; although at the moment, my DA is 25.

1. I Canonized my Url: It sounds a bit strange to people. Basically, canonizing your url has to do with choosing a preferred url. If you already have a DA score, I wouldn’t advice doing this as you’d have to start from scratch and your DA will go back to 1. My site was indexed as www and non www on Google which was a huge problem for me as I had to choose one to be recognized by Google.

I therefore sort out to choose a preferred url and canonize it from www and non www to only www. After doing that, I had to start from square one with Google analytics and search console to make sure Google understood that I had changed my Url so they could start indexing the new one. I had to delete my first search console acc and create a new one, then connect it to Google analytics which helped Google acknowledge my recent change and index my site faster.

2. Installing SSL: Once I canonized my Url, the next thing was to make sure my site was secure by installing ssl which informed Google that my site was safe and secure from harm/hacking; thereby increasing my ranking in Google; more of an seo technique. In order to know if your site has ssl installed, when you go to your WP admin panel/your main site in your browser, you’ll notice a small padlock on the left hand side of your site’s url in the browser. It may show up then disappear/stay; depending on your device/browser. In order to install ssl, you can contact your hosting provider for details as they provide it free, buy let’s encrypt which is the ssl and install it by yourself, or install it from your control panel (cpanel) in the admin section of your hosting service. I use siteground and they provide it for free.

You can see the padlock at the left hand side of my Url. Even on instagram, when you click the link in someone’s bio, if they have ssl installed, the padlock will show

3. Fixing errors: I’m not a certified web developer but I’ve been learning a lot so I was able to decipher some things on my own. I saw that yoast seo didn’t really have what I was looking for so I set out to check Google for how I could scan my site for errors so I could fix them. I found a perfect site that helped me out loads; despite that, I used other sites to scan mine. I increased my page speed by correcting some errors shown, it identified “no follow” links on my site so I was able to get rid of them, I saw that my site’s tagline was too long for Google, Bing and Yahoo; and not in accordance with my site’s content as well so I had to change it.

Other things included adding a meta description which is very important for Google, altering some files, compressing images, checking my site’s indexibility, it’s mobile friendliness, checking how Google bot sees it, backing up contents, checking areas violating Google policies, and so on. Although, I couldn’t correct all the errors, I made sure to correct the important ones.

Domain authority
You can see how I’ve fixed a lot of errors on my site

It can take Google up to a week or a month; depending on you site’s quality, to correct the changes made to your site in their index so there’s no need checking regularly; mine took a week. And, I also check for errors in search console so I can fix them. I unknowingly performed seo on my site which not only increased my ranking but also my DA, and made my site a good quality site. I didn’t have to guest post or ask people to link back to one of my post; I just kept writing blog posts while I let Google and seo do the rest for me.

And, when I checked my DA after a few days (first week of June); as I was supposed to analyse my site like I usually do, I found out that my DA had gone up with no back links found or site’s linking to mine. It made me realise that regularly scanning and fixing of site errors will help improve your site’s performance as it lets Google know that your site is good and free from errors/issues. So, more points for you in their algorithm, and, higher ranking in search engines.

Also, you can get lots of views from search engines; like last month, I got 91 views from Google, Bing, Yahoo and; with the most from Google. And I fixed the errors a few days before the ending of May. And, my name; which links to my blog, appears 3rd on Google as well as one of my post being on the first page of Google. I also plan to try out some new seo techniques I’ve learnt so I’ll see how that goes. Do you have a high DA? How were you able to increase your DA? What methods worked for you?

My name on the 3rd spot

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  1. This was such an intersting read! I’m still quite new to blogging and I don’t even know where I see how high my DA is (or if I even have a score). I’d really like to get more into the topic though.. xxx

    1. Thanks. If you have your own domain, you can use Moz to check your DA; even if you Google “how to check my Domain authority” moz will probably be the first site to come up in your search so you can search your DA. Feel free to ask any other question you might have

      1. Oh thank you! I thought you needed to be self hosted to do this! I just checked.. can you tell me the difference between domain authority and page authority?

        1. Simply that domain authority is how your site ranks; basically your whole sites quality. Page authority is basically for like a specific page and how that page ranks

  2. If I ever thought blogging wasn’t complicated, I should start reconsidering. These tips have helped a lot, thanks for sharing. Still having some slight issues though but i get i’ll adjust with time

  3. They are really helpful tips, didn’t know anything about canonized urls till now. Will have have to check if it’s worth for me to do it if my blogs DA is 1. Thank you for all this information Okoto!

    1. Thanks for reading. I have an ebook on more tips but it’s not out yet; if you want, I can inform you when I put it out so you can get it. It’s way more informative than this post. And you can ask your hosting provider about canonizing your url if its possible

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