PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. Today, I have my first fashion post by Best Hair Straightener on one of my favourite outfits; crop tops. He tells us how to style crop tops in different ways; from the top to the bottom. Let’s begin now.

Crop tops are back just in time for showing the world how great they are. Crop tops were a top fashion statement during 1980s but they disappeared for a while; and they are back again and even more powerful. Crop tops are loved by everyone, because they are great for wearing with almost anything, you can also show off abs and what can be better than that? This article is for the crop top lovers out there, who love wearing crop tops and are willing to try it a little differently. Let’s discuss the
ways you can style your crop top.

1. Wear with Skirt: When I say skirt, I’m saying any skirt, mini or full length. Get the look you are most comfortable
with. You can even get a matching skirt with your crop top. It can just be the right look for your day, you can wear it on any casual day and with short skirt you can even crash a party, it’s a great way to show off those abs and legs. But if you want to be a bit subtle just wear it with long skirt. Even a skirt matching with your crop top would be perfect, or just wear the same color.

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2. What about Dungaree? Yes, you heard it right; it looks amazing with dungarees. Just put on a crop top with dungaree and be a little playful. It is also a great look for work and for students, it just couldn’t be more blissful. It is a great one for everyday look and the most important thing is that anyone can rock it. You don’t need anything special, just the dungaree and any crop top would be work but the simpler the better.

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3. Put it on a bit longer shirt: By longer I don’t mean a really long length. Again, keep it simple; shirt could be any plain color but you can be a bit creative with crop top. You can wear a simple crop top just as well but if you have any flower prints that would be just the best look for the day. You will surely turn some heads and the best thing about this look is that you don’t have to do anything hefty, it’s just your regular look; only better.

4. Go full length: You can wear a crop top with full length bottoms and that could be anything including a trouser, a floral skirt or just a gorgeous plain color skirt. It looks amazingly formal when you wear crop top with full length skirts. If you want to be a little casual style your crop top with your denims. Its perfect for your everyday look. Crop tops gives you the freedom to be creative and that’s the peak time to show your creativity. You will not believe these looks. They are especially great when you want to cover legs.

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5. Wear it with coat/jacket: A good jacket would totally look great with your favorite crop top. Just wear the right
combination. You can wear a fancy jacket and a simple crop top; but it can also be the other way around. Just keep the front of the jacket open and you are sorted. You also need something for your legs. The best suited with jackets would be culottes or Capri pants. You can wear it to formal meetings, parties and so much more. It is a perfect classy look and it’s very easy to carry. Anybody can rock this look without making so much effort.

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Crop tops are perfect for any occasion; you can use them for parties, works and even for your everyday look. It can also be a very cool look for your college. Crop tops have the ability to stand you out of any crowd. Wear a nice crop top and style it in a good way and you will surely be able to catch some praises. You can wear the same crop top with different bottoms according to your day look.

Crop tops are even perfect for chilling at home. They are nice and comfortable and will give you the perfect comfort for going to sleep, so if your crop top gets old, no need to worry.

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