PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. So I started learning to edit my photos to make them look better and after so much stress, I finally found the perfect app for that. I’ve tried out different photo editing apps like A Colour Story, VSCO, etc but none of them have pleased me as much as this one has because it has all the qualities; I even enjoy taking bad photos just so I can make them look good.

Photo editing

It has great filters, it can literally transform a dull picture to something radiant, you can write on your picture with it, you can even change your face; well in a way. This app has limitless opportunities to transform pictures like the ones I have in this post. Most people might know the app but, I’m talking about Snapseed. Ever since I downloaded it, I haven’t been bothered about perfect lighting because I can take my picture when it’s dark and make it took like I took it during the day. I’ll work you through my favourite sections in the app.

First of all, tune image. It ranges from brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlight, shadow and warmth. Brightness obviously brightenes the picture; I love ambiance because it gives it more definition; highlight also brightens but it does it separately for the background and the item in the picture depending on where you move the metre. Next is the curves; mostly for pictures with objects, you can change or add a little colour, as well as brighten the picture by choosing between the different options there; all of which are really amazing and fun to try out.

If you cropped your picture because you wanted to get rid of a part of it and now the picture seems small, you can also expand it and the picture will adjust to any size you choose. You can as well select a specific part in a picture to brighten by going to selective and moving the eye thingy to the specific area you want; it’s like tune image but for a smaller part of the picture. My favourite section is lens blur because I can blur the background of a picture to give prominence to a specific thing in that picture; and I get to choose where to blur and how blurry I want it to be. Then I can try out different filters and choose to brighten it or darken it as well.

The last part is only for selfies because the app will have to search and detect a face before you can use it to edit. But I mostly use the app to edit pictures of things and not selfies so I don’t really touch that angle. Then finally, back to the top, text. You just have to write what you want and choose how you want it to look. That’s what I used for my featured image (the first picture) and most of the other pictures I’ve used in my recent post. It fits any background and any layout and, the result is always incredible! I’ll definitely give this app 5 stars because it has everything I want to make my pictures look like they were taken by a professional.

If you are looking for an app to edit your pictures that look bad, this is the app to try; and it’s better than all the photo editing apps I’ve downloaded. Although, with so many features, you’ll have to take out time to try them all and see which ones you like best; like I did. Do you have a favourite photo editing app? How well has it worked for you?

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  1. You’re beautiful, you really don’t need the app. It’s so much fun I know, I use one myself it’s fun looking at a younger me. I’m waiting for you to post some pictures that you have phophotoshopI. Girls just want to have fun ?

  2. thanks a lot for sharing this. You won’t understand how glad I am to finally find ‘that one app’

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