PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone. I started blogging 9 months ago and well, there are so many things I wish I knew before I started blogging. Took me a long time to figure it out and it turns out blogging isn’t just about writing whatever; and it isn’t just fun and games like I thought. These are some of the things I wish I knew before I started blogging.

1. The Platform: There are so many blogging platforms out there but the ones I know are Blogger, WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Blogger is kind of like a self hosted platform I think; it has so many opportunities and less restrictions. WordPress.com is a free version with so many restrictions and despite getting a domain from them, the restrictions are still there. In order to free yourself, you have to pay for hosting from an outside provider and move from .com to .org which is stressful. WordPress.org is a self hosted version with little/no restrictions and lots of freedom; so technically, you own your site with .org. I started with WP.com which later seemed to be a problem when I wanted to get my domain because I had to move from .com to .org; something I would’ve avoided if I had started with Blogger or .org.

2. Niche: Niche is like your area of specialisation in blogging for example beauty, fashion, lifestyle, poetry, travel, tech, news, and so on. When I started, I had little to no idea what I wanted to do; I just wanted to share my ideas and stuff; and it somehow became a hobby blog. Although, my blog grew really fast within a short amount of time, I wish I had thought about what I wanted to do instead of doing random things. At some point, I ended up doing lifestyle posts but after so much procrastination, I decided to venture into beauty and fashion which is something I like. Now, I wonder why I didn’t think things through because I ended up deleting so many posts and changing a lot of things.

3. The Drama: The blogosphere is filled with so much drama now; the amount of negativity is over the top! Although, I’ve met some really great and amazing bloggers, I’ve as well met some not so nice ones. I’ve seen bloggers being called out, insulted, among other terrible things and it made me wonder if I had been in a hole this whole time. When I started, there was barely any drama but now, the drama is well, really bad. If I had known about this earlier on, I would’ve kept my distance from most people; like a really huge gap. Most of them see blogging as a competition now which is so sad; while some want to trample on others just to get what they want and I think it’s best to just focus on what you do because competing with others is honestly a waste of time.

Despite the aforementioned., I’ve had quite a great time blogging; with some ups and downs, and, I’ve met so many amazing people as well. Plus, I can’t change the past so I’ll focus on the future instead and see how things go. Is there anything you wish you knew before you started blogging?

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      1. I am blogger 4 years and i put my blog at wordpress before year ago so i can confirm that it takes a lot of time, strong nerves and diplomatic skills. Also some people will do all to promote themselves on other blogs without offer something to return. Thanks for moderation comments, it helped me so much. Also i always follow you.

  1. I wish I knew ahead of time that I would actually like blogging. I was reluctant at first and I wish I know it would have become something I like and how addicting it would be. I wish I knew that having a successful blog can take time until you notice success

      1. For the first couple of months, my blog didn’t even seem that successful. Then last summer, I noticed it starting to be successful and it just continues to grow over time

  2. About the drama and the negativity..,

    You should not get discouraged when someone is negative about your work…. or make comments against it…
    it’s all good 😊..

    I don’t understand your terminology.. about drama…
    I had a blogger mad 😑 at me because I told her how I felt about her story..
    and I was the only one who stopped to make a comment…
    I just unfollow her..
    I was not rude.. or try to be nasty 😷..
    Because we all blog for different reasons..,
    But we have to be open to criticism and comments that’s not going to please us.. sometimes…

    πŸ‘Ž negativity can build u up..and help you be a better blogger…

    1. The negativity and drama I mean mostly lives on Twitter. Someone once created a “blogger burn book”where they called out so many bloggers and literally attacked them for no apparent reason and it was really nasty. Besides that, bloggers see blogging as a competition and they go head to head with each other; trying to bring each other down just to succeed. It’s really horrible. And, there was a recent drama recently about a blogger who said there’s no place in the blogosphere for other bloggers; it’s still going on

      1. Oooh my..

        Didn’t realize that much was going on..,

        Some are so petty and so stupid..,

        Makes you wonder how they think….

        Now I do understand.. but please stay clear of these kinds of bloggers

  3. Interesting, I wish I knew that Outsiders couldn’ comment or check like when they read our blog unless they join the blogosphere. I thought it was more like a website where you have the freedom for friends to visit and read your post and comment. I had a website that I was paying for and my readers never visited my website. If they did they didn’t comment on anything so I tried bloggin. I’ll never stop posting because I know there are people that need to hear my experiences that I have had in life. I didn’t want to keep paying money so here I am. Readers compliment me all the time but they don’t leave a review after they order/read my books. They don’t understand that a writer writes from the heart in order to help someone who’s going through a rough time. People need to hear what other people felt about reading a book that sounded like it would be a good read it would be a good match for them but they want to know other people’s opinion. This world is followers and if you can get a group of the right people to comment and be positive about it. Others will read it because readers are searching for the ultimate story.

    1. Well said. And with org, outsiders can comment using their email or by logging in to their social media accounts which is a good thing. And yeah; comments or reviews are important things when someone writes something for people to read

  4. I know that when I started, I was only posting for me really – anyone who read it was a bonus, so it was probably another year before I took it seriously. Making connections with bloggers is one of the things I wish I’d done a better job of around that time though – I thought I was doing a good job until I upped my effort, and realised how off I was πŸ™‚

  5. Gosh the last one is so applicable! However, there is totally enough opportunity in this world for everyone and so I don’t get the greediness. Keep going girlie!


  6. The worst drama I’ve come to discover so far in blogging is when bloggers get the so called fame they desire at the detriment of other people. You see some bloggers going as far as bringing the very private and personal lives of other to public just for fame. It’s really terrible.

  7. I am looking forward to self-hosting, but for now I am just going to focus on building my following and writing good content πŸ™‚ And while there are negative Nancies everywhere, we good ones got each other’s back!

    1. Always Nat ❀❀ and I suggest going self hosted on time because of DA stuff, and also because your blog is new so you can get everything in order. But take your time😊

  8. I wish I knew this too! I signed up for wordpress.com not knowing the difference and now am totally regretting it. I am planning to move to a .org but am just rolling my eyes at how much of a task I know I have ahead of me!

  9. I enjoyed reading this post.

    It’s difficult enough sometimes blogging and I believe that bloggers should support and help each other.


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