PS: View this post in your browser to read the complete post and comment as well. Hey everyone; this is something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve procrastinated it for so long already so, here I go. In a previous post, I talked about starting fashion/ootd posts which will be a new category on my blog. But, what’s a fashion post without make up? Make up for me, complements an outfit; and that’s the first thing people actually see and notice. I like really simple make up; and I just started learning more about it so this whole thing is still kind of new to me. I don’t use primer, bronzer, highlighter and all that because I don’t really know how to use them. Plus, it seems like too much work compared to what I like. So, technically, this is my go to make up/make up routine with a step-by-step procedure.

First step, concealer. I make sure my face is completely dry when I bathe so after I clean my face, I wait a little so it gets some air. I use the matte oil-free liquid concealer that comes in a squeeze tube and a wand applicator so I don’t get my hands dirty. I have an oily skin; so I avoid the use of cream or stick concealers, that’s why I go for the liquid concealer instead. Also, I mostly want to brighten my face so I use the yellow tinted concealer that matches my skin tone. I apply it to my under-eye, on my nose, forehead, cheeks, my chin, and parts of my neck. I love how the concealer dries of quickly; and it lasts long so I don’t have to worry about my makeup coming off after a long day.

I use my beauty blender to dab the concealer on my under-eye and then I blend everything on my face for the best results. I try not to apply too much concealer so it’s not excess and it matches my skin tone. I really love how soft the beauty blender is; feels like a soft baby sponge and it’s way better than a puff. It’s the perfect blender.

Next is my brow. It’s actually pretty easy to just fill in my brows with the pencil and blend it with the brushes. I use a brown pencil that matches the colour of my brows so it’s not too dark. I start with a light, upward stroke of the pencil. Focusing on the arch and the tail of my brow while the area closer to my nose; the front of my brow, ends up lighter.

Make up

After that, I blend the colour with my brow brush. Still, using light strokes, from front to tail so it looks more natural and not too dark. Furthermore, to highlight my brows and give them the shape, I use a brush to carefully line over and under my brows with a concealer. And then I blend the concealer from the front of my brow to the tail; and down to my eye lid so it looks natural. The bobbi brown brush is one of my favourite things ever; it’s extremely soft, feels like a blender on its own and each time I use it, it feels like I’m using a feather.

As for my eye lids, I don’t use eyeshadow although I’ll try to get a black one. I don’t use mascara either because I haven’t found a product I actually like; so if anyone can recommend a good mascara because I really need one. To match my simple make up, I can either use the dry waterproof eyeliner.

Or the pencil eyeliner that can easily be wiped off. If I use the dry eyeliner, I usually draw a wing and, sometimes, top it off with the pencil eyeliner to give it more definition. But sometimes I prefer to use the pencil eyeliner to draw a line over my eye lids. It’s that simple.

My lipstick actually depends on my outfit. If I want to wear a dark outfit, I use a dark lipstick but if it’s a bright outfit, I’ll go for a bright lipstick like pink. My go-to lipstick is Classic Makeup USA; you can never go wrong with it and it lasts longer than most lipsticks I’ve used. I think I’ll write a post about it. After I apply my lipstick, I use a cotton bud to apply concealer at the sides, edges, and round my lips in case any lipstick goes over board. I blend the concealer in so it looks natural and my lipstick can be where I want it.

After doing all that, I check to make sure everything is how I want it to be; and then I smile for no reason because I’m silly. Then, I apply setting/finishing powder with a large brush to complete the look. I apply brown powder that’s the same colour as my skin tone and that of my concealer so it isn’t noticed.

There you have it; my simple make up routine that doesn’t take lots of time. I only wear make up when I want to go out and the minute I get back home, I take it off using a face wipe and sometimes I oil it so it feels fresh and it gets air as well. I love staying without make up at home because I don’t want my face getting too used to make; I love feeling natural. I still have a lot to learn about make up; and yes I need more make up items, but I’ll stick to the simple one for now. DO you have a makeup routine?


These are the final results; I have a hard time choosing one picture so I choose two instead

I was in a hurry so I smudged my makeup a bit

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