After writing posts like 10 THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM BEING SINGLE, MY THOUGHTS ON “LOVE”; DOES IT EXIST?, and DO WE REALLY NEED SELF LOVE??, which are all sensitive and personal topics, I decided to write all about letting go of the wrong person/people because it feels like the best time. So I’m taking it one step at a time. For someone who presents herself as someone who hates love (already cleared that up; post link above), I don’t really find this topic strange but rather, really sensitive and a bit hurtful.

Knowing when to let go of the wrong person doesn’t have to do with a partner alone; it also involves friends. But I’ll talk more about the aspect of love and mention a little about friends. The one topic I thought I’d never talk about; where do I start? Knowing when to let go is a story about a girl who held on to the love she felt for someone despite getting hurt and knowing he wasn’t the right one. Until one day; after some years, she decided to accept reality. And, although it really hurt, she had to let go and move on because she realized loving the wrong person wasn’t worth the pain. Well, that girl was me.

Maybe there was a time when I thought love was the best feeling in the world; but not anymore. That saying “when you grow up and your heart dies” is kind of how things are. Falling for someone who doesn’t really value or appreciate your love is like the worse feeling ever. We were never in a relationship; something I’m happy about now. But, everyone knew about my feelings for him; it wasn’t something hidden despite how much I denied it. I loved him more than I loved myself; and that was my biggest mistake. He was everything to me; everything I ever wanted; my salvation. There was a time we weren’t talking and that affected me so much because it was like I had lost him; and nothing mattered anymore.

Let go

I loved every single thing about him; his eyes, his smile, his voice, his gaze; every little detail. The thought of him was something that made me happy and I couldn’t put those feelings into words. After like 2 years, we went our  separate ways but we were still in contact. Still, that didn’t change the way I felt about him. I didn’t mention it but he was my first love; not some little girl crush but something real; well, to me. Later on, I heard things about him; not saying what, and it really hurt me; more than he could imagine. I suffered in silence severally; but acted like nothing was wrong. I blamed myself and felt like it was my fault. Everything that happened was enough to make me hate him; I did a little but deep down, I still loved him regardless.

Songs like Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What it Want“, “My Dilemma“, “Same Old Love” and Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” described how I felt. It was the worse feeling ever and I always ended up hurt and depressed. We lost contact for 2 more years but some how, we managed to get in contact a year later. During that time, I was trying to make things work with someone but when he came back into my life, everything changed. He reignited every feeling I had for him; and I had to choose between him and the other person. I didn’t need to think twice; I chose him in a heartbeat! But, it didn’t end there. He walked away and I was literally destroyed. I had my longest depression which lasted for 2 months and I kept blaming myself; thinking I wasn’t good enough and it was my fault.

I suffered in silence for so long; with no one to talk to. I had best friends who’d talk to me about their problems but when I had an issue, I had no one to talk to. I wanted so badly to end the pain and just let go. My depression was worse at that moment and I felt really horrible. But then I realised I was suffering over someone who didn’t even care. I loved someone for five years and it felt like nothing to him. I was in a really horrible place; but then I decided to numb the pain and let go because the pain I felt wasn’t worth loving him. I can’t even explain how I felt because it was the worse moment ever and it’ll be impossible to put it into words.

I decided to cut everyone off as well because I realised I didn’t have real friends and they were more like decorations to me. It hurt more letting him go and finally getting over him but I did it after months of depression and pain. I changed my number and let go of the past; I moved on. I just wasn’t the same after that. Somehow, after 3 years, he managed to find his way back into my life and I didn’t feel a thing; I just didn’t care. We’re cool now but those feelings aren’t there; and I’m glad. I feel like Little Mix in “Shout Out to My Ex“; although he wasn’t really my ex.

Do I regret loving him? No; because at some point, he was everything I wanted. I even need to thank him for being the reason behind some of my poems which helped me a lot. I only regret not talking about what I went through with anyone because it affected me in a way. But I realised that loving him and having the friends I did wasn’t worth the trouble.

So, was letting go a good thing? Yes; because I went through so much over a love that wasn’t worth it. I suffered in silence for so long and blamed myself when I didn’t deserve any of that. No one deserves to suffer in silence, to think they weren’t good enough, to wonder where they went wrong, to blame themselves for someone else’s decisions, or feel like it was their fault either. No one deserves any of that.

I admire how Perrie Edwards from Little Mix handled her break up with Zayn and how good she feels now. I also admire how Selena Gomez dealt with her break up with Justin. Despite going for rehab and all that, she’s in a much better place now; and one can tell she’s happy. Also, how Lady Gaga handled her breakup with her fiance and channelled her pain through her music (Million Reasons and Perfect Illusion). I love and admire that; and I too want to be in a better place and finally rebuild myself without the fear of breaking down. I want to live with no fear or attachment to the past, no worries, and most importantly, with happiness. Have you ever had to let go of someone before? Did you regret it?

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  1. I thoroughly loved this and this definitely struck a nerve. I went through a pretty similar experience last year and I suffered in silence for several months while I tried to rationalize and makes sense of everything. I blamed myself for everything for a long time and made list of all the things I wasn’t and why I wasn’t good enough until, I started to see my own worth. Even in regards to broken friendships, it took for me to advance in my own personal growth before I could realize that what I went through as a result of someone else’s self serving negligence really didn’t have anything to do with me, at the root of why they did it. I never got an explanation from the people that hurt me or an apology, but as I began to understand human nature, I started to feel sympathy for them. I learned that hurt people, hurt people and even if they aren’t hurting and they actually know that what they’re doing is causing me pain, they cant possibly comprehend the full extent of the turmoil its caused me. When you put good out into the world you get it back and so it is the same with negativity…if they fully understood that principle, they would never cause somebody else pain. T

    1. This article has opened me up to some more ideas on a future post I would like to write along the same subject lol I would say more but I think I would end up writing a novel in your comments haha! This was utterly amazing and I whole heartedly love this. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you have been able to heal and find some peace. It takes a lot of strength to share an experience like this.

      1. Thank you so much. The long comment is definitely appreciated 😉 I’m so glad my post was actually able to inspire you and strike a nerve as well😀 I’m also glad you can relate; and sharing your thoughts here is just as brave as me sharing my experience here as well. I’ve found peace; or rather I’m still trying to, but it’s a working progress. Getting hurt is a part of life I guess; we just have to decide who hurts us, and who’s worth the pain. Thanks again😊💕

  2. Fadalaud! This is deep. But I’m glad you’re out & have regained your confidence and esteem. When people don’t appreciate your love or love you back as much as you’d want them to, it’s not your fault at all. Many times, people blame themselves or wallow in self-pity which affects their perception to life but gladly, some have learnt to do away with those who don’t value their love.
    You must first love yourself totally b4 giving love otherwise, you’ll seem to depend on other people’s love to love yourself. Which is wrong. Love and happiness comes from within and so when you expect it from the outside and you ain’t getting it, you completely loose yourself.
    This is looking like a blogpost already. Lol I couldn’t help but write.
    All da best Okoto..

    1. Hahaha a blog post that I already love😀 you said it perfectly 👌 I blindly and totally agree with everything you said. Self love is what’s important; until you love yourself completely, you can’t give love like you said. Thank you💖

  3. But no experience is a waste! You see? It brought forth your poetic/writing abilities and here you are. Your experiences in life matter especially the painful ones cos trust me, that’s most definitely where your lifting will come from.

    1. I was already writing though; it just gave me more inspiration and made me a bit better but all the same😀 and you’re right once again (you’re killing it actually)no experience is a waste because they always help us grow into better versions of ourselves

  4. I love how you opened up and it’s crazy how much I can relate to your story, maybe that’s why I also love love love your poems! Loving someone and them not feeling the same way, can destroy you but after some time, you are reborn. They are right when they say, all you need is time. Just be patient.

    And something that I read somewhere one day and loved was that unrequited love exists for us to write beautiful poems and songs!

    1. Thank you! I love you poems too😀 and I guess that’s the reason we both write really amazing poems😉 And, you’re right; all you need it time because time helped; and the poems too😊

  5. Yessss I’m feeling you. When you going through heartbreak and wanting someone that doesn’t want you as much. You keep it to yourself. Your story that you just told is my story in a nutshell. I loved him so much but he wasn’t allowing me to grow. I had to leave him and answer no to his proposal to marry him. And that pushed him over the edge. He tried to take my life. He followed me for two years. He didn’t understand I loved him so much but I couldn’t live under his controlling addictions, and like you said everything happens for a reason. I don’t regret loving him. I did regret turning my back on everyone to be with him. I have forgiven myself. He taught me so much about life and force me to see myself and mature. I had to write a book about those years unfolding the pain of loving someone who didn’t know how to love.

    1. Wow! What a story. Sorry to say but he sounds more like an obsessed psychopath. Glad you were able to let go because he obviously wasn’t the right one

  6. Hey bebe, I am so glad you found the courage to let go of him, and for your healing process. A lot of people can never get out of these kinds of situation. Keep inspiring b

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