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I took a really long break from writing poems; a month I think. I needed to stop writing so I could feel better. Writing helps but some times it drains me; and the break was well needed. After such a long and well deserved break, I’m back with more poems; maybe. Here’s my recent one:

Our love was magic; a
Magical illusion. I saw what
You wanted me to see;
Not the truth. And now
That I see it, I realise how
Utterly blind I was.
Love can hurt,
Love can heal, and
Love can fix. But your
Love destroyed me. You
Were the only one who
Could set my heart on
Fire; but you let it
Burn till nothing was left.
Our illusion was a lie; and a
Fantasy. But I see that now.
It was a thought that
Existed in my head; and I
Didn’t want to see how fake
It was. Your magic was fire.
And I was too blind to see it
Until I got burned. Now, who
Will heal my scars? Love can
Heal; but this love ran out of

– Okoto Enigma
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    1. Thank you. I published others posts; but not poems. It felt like I had been away because I wasn’t writing poems despite the fact that I wrote other posts. And I missed you too dear❤

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