First of all, I’d like to aplogise for being mia and not posting anything; but I’m back, and I have a few posts in store. Now, to the business of the day. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now; but I never really got the chance to do that. A lot of people think I hate love because of my poems, because I hate Valentine’s day, and because I never talk about love or say anything nice about it.

I’ve been called names; a lot, because supposedly I don’t show love like people expect or like they want me to; because I barely care about things, and because somehow I act like a robot or I’m cold. Maybe the not caring part is true because I just can’t bother myself with irrelevant things. But, it all comes down to one question which I’d love to answer and hopefully, no one can ask me that again: “Why do you hate love?Okoto enigma's blog

I hate Valentine’s day; and that has been established on my post; WHAT IS VALENTINE?? If you’ve read that post, you’ll know how I feel about Valentine. But Valentine isn’t love! My poems are a representation of my emotions; what I think, and feel, and I’ve explained “why I write” on several posts; one of which includes THE TRUTH YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT. And, once again, my poems aren’t love. They might be about love; but they’re not love. And lastly, I don’t talk about love because that’s my personal business; I don’t see why I have to talk about my personal, relationship, and private life with anyone who asks about it.

With that said, my answer to the question is “no“; I don’t hate love. Do I see love differently? Yes; but I don’t hate it. I have a lot of love songs; I watch movies about love, I congratulate happy couples as well. If I hated love, those things would literally make me sick; metaphorically.


What is my idea on love? I’m a writer; and I feel like we need poetry in every area of our lives because while people study medicine, law, engineering, and so on, poetry is what keeps this world sane; we need poetry. But I don’t think we actually need love because people use it as an excuse to harm and hurt others. I see love as just a word that has lost it’s meaning over time. In the past, people would say “I love you” and mean it but now, people say it all the time just like they say “hey“; and they barely mean it. “I love this bag“, “I’m so in love with this shoe!“, and so on. The word “love” has almost lost it’s value in this world.

I don’t see love as something that’s important; I don’t hold it in a high esteem; and I almost don’t care about it. That doesn’t mean I hate it. I might feel like it doesn’t exist but I know it does. Saying I hate it is just like saying I won’t get married someday; or I don’t believe in marriage. My beliefs are different from every other person’s belief; but that doesn’t make me cold hearted or a love hater. Maybe love isn’t something we’re all destined to feel; maybe things happen that end up changing our perception of things. Maybe in reality, love is just a fantasy that we think we should feel. Maybe it’s just an idea that isn’t even real.


I can’t change my idea of things because I say what I think. Fairytales don’t exist; and true love is a myth. They’re things we see on tv just so we believe them but; those actors and actresses just make money to portray things that aren’t even real. I can’t share my thoughts without seeming angry which is weird; but you get my point. Bottom line, this is my idea of love. You don’t have to agree with me; and you don’t have to go against me either because our thoughts are different. And, I’m a firm believer in “nothing lasts forever“. But, in the end, I don’t hate love; and I’m not against it either. I just don’t worship or revere it like people expect me to.

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  1. I think it’s great that you’ve expressed your opinions, even though they’re arguably not the norm. I believe that we’ve all been through different experiences which lead us to our beliefs and while I don’t agree on all your opinions, I respect them and how you came to develop them. I think it’s important that we don’t just cater to society’s notions about what’s normal cause how do we grow? Well done. I enjoyed the post

    1. Thank you😀 I agree that we all have our opinions and mine is a bit different from a normal perspective but like you said, if I agree with society’s notion, how will I grow?

  2. I have quite radical and different perspectives about certain subjects so I can relate to your feeling different. I’m looking at doing a post on some of them once I get more established. I’m worried I’ll get hate mail 🤣

    1. Hahaha hate mails are normal. It simply means you’re expressing yourself and actually making some sense. If you want to write it, go for it. If anything, it’s your blog and you’re free

  3. You speak your truth, I agree, no matter what people think of your feelings about love your feelings belong to you. Let me tell you who I am. God is love, He loves unconditionally. He doesn’t judge us for our thoughts or mistakes he loves our character, no matter what. To me people that doesn’t crave love have been through some type of trauma in their life. God created us in the image of him. That means we are love also. Our craving to love one another is really human beings craving the love of their father God. We think that we are craving Love and sex from one another. We fall in love and get it all wrong because wanting to be loved is our nature. All of us wants to be loved and be in love with someone. That’s why we should all strive to have a relationship with God and then we won’t be in and out of fake love relationships and being promiscuous. It’s the craving we are all trying to feed. I believe in real love because my love is real. I believe in happiness because I am happy on the inside. I didn’t wait for someone to come along to make me happy. I did the work myself. In my book Masterpiece I say in the beginning that the fairytale love and happiness ended with Adam and Eve. When I was young I was in and out of love but it wasn’t real love it was just wanting to be with a fine Brother, or a cool dude. Wanting to walk hand-in-hand in the park and at the beach. Wanting to be kissed. When I met my husband I kept looking at him because it felt familiar. We would lay up and stare into each other’s eyes. And one day I figured it out. We was supposed to be together. I saw myself in his eyes. I saw myself in his life and him in mine. Our love felt so strong I stopped looking at love stories on TV. I couldn’t stand looking at the fakeness of it all. I never in my life felt love so deeply infatuation so real and I kept falling in love with him over and over. Every thing he did I loved even his bad habits. And he was doing the same thing with me. We knew we had something going on. I couldn’t compare him to any other man I had ever been with. I felt like he was my first man I ever loved. I felt like a virgin everything before him was voided in my mind Heart and soul. Him and I we did everything differently. Before him every single guy I had ever been with told me after we had broken up you know you never said you loved me. Love was a word that I didn’t throw around. With my husband I opened up and I loved freely. I had never met a guy that we both fell hard at the same time. You know, most times you miss each other… When you really want him he doesn’t really want you when he really want you you don’t really want him. We were like, I love you more. No, I love you more. You feel what you want to feel about it because I know when he come along you’re going to do everything differently and you going to prove to yourself that love is real. Until then you’re just speaking your truth.

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