For someone who recently opened up about my struggles with depression which you can find here and on a guest post I did as well. This is a very important topic for me because it took me so long to talk about it and finally accept my flaws. And, right now, I feel better than ever because of genuine self love.

I’ve always had a hard time getting close to people, hanging out, or doing things in public without feeling uncomfortable. Self love is something I haven’t wholeheartedly given to myself and whenever I feel depressed, I end up hating myself all over again. But, right now, I’m actually really happy. Plus, I feel so comfortable in my skin and body; and I don’t feel like I used to anymore. I’m finally giving myself a chance to do what I want and just be me regardless of what anyone thinks. I don’t care about being body shamed for being too skinny because I love being skinny.

Self love

For the first time in three years I’ve spent in the university, I felt comfortable walking in front of my class without feeling weird or uncomfortable; something I’ve always avoided. I waved at a lot of people which isn’t common at all with me, and I smiled as well. It’s a huge step for me considering the fact that I stay away from crowds because I feel weird and awkward.

Also, I had my earpiece on and my music so loud; just how I like it. And for the first time too, I danced to my music regardless of who saw me. I didn’t care about being criticized or being stared at; I just did what I wanted and I felt happy doing it. On a normal day, I would shy away from the public and listen to music on my own; but not this time. It was the best feeling ever! Not caring about people seeing me or what they’ll say; I was just me.

Now, I smile a lot; and it’s not a fake smile, I dance all the time, I listen to happy songs; and Little Mix are killing it with their “Glory Days” album, I take personal things seriously, and I’m learning to get in contact with people which I’ve always found weird. I feel different; and most importantly, happy. I’ve finally given myself the love I really deserve and if I ever relapse, I know I’ll get back to normal. I never really knew genuine self love felt this way; and it just happened out of nowhere. It just shows me that no matter what I go through, and how hard things get, I can always make it out with a smile on my face and my head held up high.

So, is self love important? Yes! Because if I didn’t give it to myself like I’m supposed to, I wouldn’t have done any of that without feeling uncomfortable or strange. And for the first time ever, I posted a video of myself on Instagram which is something I’ve never done as I’d never be okay doing it. I see things differently now and I feel almost at peace. It’s still a working progress but it’s going really well and that’s what matters.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this post, in literally the space of a month my life has changed just as you describe it, I feel at peace but sometimes I feel like it’s a breakdown and that’s why I’ve stopped caring haha either way I am loving my new found positivity for myself and I’m so happy you’ve found it too! X

  2. I’ve struggled a lot through my teenage years about this topic. I was sooo self-conscious, I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything alone on my own. I started not caring like two years ago, and mostly now. Yes I do have insecurities and flaws but I love them, at least I try to and I’m getting there. Self love is the key of being really happy in this world. When you love yourself nothing else matters, people’s opinions don’t matter and you are finally happy and you start enjoying and appreciate life. At least that’s what happened to me!

    I’m very glad you are loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your own body. ❤

    That was a really lovely post to read 😊
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    1. A long conversation at that 😉 hahaha. You described it perfectly! Just being free and loving yourself despite what other people might say. I’m so glad you can relate because its a really good thing❤

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