I once did a post on HOW TO LOVE BEING SINGLE  which you can find by clicking the underlined letters above. Being single isn’t such a bad thing like most people think it is. That’s why today, I decided to write about 10 things I’ve learned from being single because why not? If you’re single, sit tight and relax. Let’s start now, shall we?

1. I learned to love myself because I know no one will love me like I love myself. On my post on how to love being single, the first thing I talked about was loving yourself because no one can love you the way you’ll love yourself. And learning to love yourself is the first step to having a successful relationship with anyone because when you don’t, you’ll look for love your partner, and you probably won’t find it. For me, being single isn’t a bad thing because I’ve learned to love and accept myself; that’s what matters.

2. I don’t need anyone to compliment or support me in my endeavours because frankly, I do that myself; and that’s self love. I’ve become my own cheer leader. I give myself compliments so when someone does, it doesn’t really change a thing. I support and tell myself not to give up on things because I’m my reason for moving forward and achieving my goals. I don’t need someone to fully support or believe in me, because, what happens when they’re gone?

3. I talked about my struggles with depression which you can find here. I realise that maybe I need support from friends when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom due to my depression; but not from some dude who probably won’t understand and, instead, criticize me for acting the way I do. No thanks but I can take care of myself and deal with my issues.

4. I get to save my money and just chill. I don’t have to worry about going out or looking perfect everyday; I have to look good but not everyday; I have lazy days. I don’t have to impress, please, or make anyone happy besides myself. I love chilling indoors; and I love solitude. I get to enjoy some me time which is just me, myself, and music. Best of both worlds.

5. I’ve learned to stay on my own. So many people depend on their partner; they’re scared of being alone and all that but, I don’t have any worries. I can stay on my own without having the fear of being alone or being worried that someone will leave me. I don’t have to let anyone into my comfort zone or change my attitude to make someone stay with me. I also know my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. What I can and can’t do; so technically, I don’t really need anyone.

6. I don’t have to plan my future with anyone because they might disappoint and I can’t put my dreams on hold for anyone. I’ve learned to be selfish; as long as I become a better person and I work hard to achieve my goals without anyone being by my side. If it’s meant to be, meet me there later on but, I just can’t stop my plans of moving forward to adjust to someone else’s plan. Life doesn’t work that way.

7. I’ve learned to let go of negative things and people. Many people are in the a horrible and abusive relationship; but they choose to stay with their partner despite that. Maybe it’s love; maybe they feel they can change them. But, you can’t change someone who’s not willing to change; and you can’t blindly accept them too. I love myself too much to actually remain with someone who makes me feel horrible; like I’m worthless, or anything like that. A relationship is a two-way thing; not a one-way thing with the other person abusing you while you stay.

8. I’ve learned that some things just aren’t meant to be; and you can’t force it. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone; if you’re not meant to be with them, it won’t work no matter how much you try. The right one will come along.

9. I can be me; that’s it! I can be who I want to be.

10. Best part of it, I don’t have to worry about getting hurt because I’m single. I don’t have strings attached to anyone, I don’t have to explain myself, I don’t have to make up possible scenarios of what someone might be doing while I’m away. I’m basically free and just my own person. It’s just so good!

I’m not against being in a relationship or anything like that; I think it’s pretty cool when you’re with the right one, and I love those cute couple selfies. I just enjoy being single. I’ve realized my strengths and weaknesses; I can do things on my own; and so on. Maybe someday I’ll decide to be in a relationship; but, for now, I’ll enjoy being single while I can.

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  1. I think it’s so important to love being in your own company and working on yourself, honestly couldn’t agree more with everything you said. ❤️

    Imaan | theaugustclause.com

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