I don’t know who or what I write about anymore. Maybe I’m just a girl with a passion for writing; but still, who’s unable to actually write “these words” to you. Maybe I’m just a lost soul who wants to be found by you. Maybe I’m just confused; maybe I’m not. Here’s the first text I wrote; THE TEXT I COULD NEVER SEND, you should probably read it. Maybe I won’t send this text too; I might just keep it away. Maybe this is just about “what if’s” and then again, maybe not. I said “if you love me, don’t let go“; but I let go. Maybe I had to loose you to realise I loved you; but then again, maybe it was your fault I let go. You know; there’s no innocent one in this game.

Have you read my poems? Maybe you can decipher them. Maybe you’ll find “us” in those lines; those lines that speak the truth I’m unable to say. This isn’t your normal text; that’s because I’m not your kind of “normal“. And that’s why you loved me…or did you? There are so many questions I’d like to ask because I really need answers; but I won’t; not now.

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