I knew what I was

Up against; but I

Didn’t mind. And 

I got my hopes up.

I don’t hate you;

I only hate myself for 

Getting my hopes up

So high that it could 

Touch the sky.

Only to watch it shatter

On the ground like a glass.

It’s broken; and so am I.

I knew what I was up against. 

I knew it would happen

Sooner, rather than later.

Now, I find myself at fault-

For wishing, and flying

So high. Because I fell

To the ground.

And all I broke was my


– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful with such a nice flow to it…. I kept reading anticipating what words and thoughts would be next. Now that is beautiful writing and the gift of writing. Nice job this morning. It is great to read something so wonderful first thing in the morning. Thank you!!! Beautiful and I can relate. I love reading when I can relate to it. That of course are the best things to read. Thank you and have a fabulous day!!!!

  2. Sometimes you expect love that you will never get in the relationship. I know I did. I can relate to this poem really well. I’m disappointed and a little ashamed of myself for being so foolish.

  3. “I never realized that broken glass could shine so brightly” Bernstein, MASS.
    I can truly relate to your words as I, too, am in your condition. I find your words so beautiful, and that quote expressed me better than my own words

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