Ashes to ashes.
Dusk till dawn.

Night after day.

Day after day.

I sit at the edge 

Like a dark

Cloud waiting 

For my end. 

As my memories of you 

Fade like a silent ash,

I bury what’s left of this 

Sad soul that knew not

Happiness. My grief; which I

Bury so deep in my

Heart will kill me itself. And

I shall meet death

At the point where

Happiness was once mine.

– Okoto Enigma 

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My last poem of the year😀

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  1. I really love ur use of Oxymoron. Come to think of it how can Sorrow be Beautiful?(Rhetorical) From surface perception it might look impossible, but sometimes sorrow can have an undertone of beauty. Another ground breaking write up. #Thumbs up#

  2. So beautiful, yet so sad. You’re a wonderful writer. Just discovered your blog through Bernadine’s link party and I’m looking forward to reading more. All the best for 2017!

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