And here I was thinking 

I had gotten over you,

Only to see your name in

My notification feed, now

I have so many thoughts 

Flooding my mind. I didn’t 

Want to write, but you

Can’t stop what’s meant to

Happen. Writing is my way of

Forgetting, and funny enough

I end up remembering. Did 

I cross your mind? Did you

Think about me? Or was it just

A coincidence? Meeting you was 

A coincidence. Thinking you

Could complete me was a

Mistake that never happened.

I can’t get my hopes up

Because I have no more strength 

Left inside of me. I feel dead

Because of you.

Okoto Enigma

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  1. I remember when I broke up with my soul sister, the first thing I did was block her on everything and delete all her contact info. I couldn’t imagine how damaged I’d be if she got back in touch until I read this. My decision was a better one than I knew.

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