I didn’t want to

Write; but these words

Are my only way out.

Solitude speaks now; it

Reminds me of our

Forever that didn’t last.

Music isn’t my escape

Anymore; it

Only brings me back to the

Reality I can’t face- a 

Reality where you and I

Are no more. A reality 

Where my tears created

A salted ocean for

Me to drown in. But I just 

Want to erase these

Memories and in order

To do that, I have to 

Let old things burn.

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. The part that got to me was the ‘let old things burn’

    We really have to let old things burn out sometimes…
    Enigma thank you for this poem…
    Jah bless your pen.. Or Keypads… Lol..

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