You’re my cigarette;

Your love is like my drug. I’m 

Addicted and I want you

So bad; ’till I get 

High on loving you.

You’re something I’m 

Addicted to; but I wish you 

Were addicted to me 

Like I am to you. I

Wish you want me the

Way I want you; but I

Guess that’s the thing

About drugs. And, that’s 

What kills me. You’re all I

Need. But I’ll never 

Learn; and I’ll keep wanting

You even though you’re bad 

For me. That, will be the 

End of me.

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. You are the best poet …wow….You have:
    -a gr8 personality
    -gr8 skills
    -a twin

    What else cn you ask for in life.God has blessed you
    (I’m sure you appreciate it)
    Who wouldn’t want 2 be your twin
    Coz I know I would😋

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