I thought destiny

Brought us together. 

But I don’t believe in

Destiny. And destiny

Didn’t bring us together.

I confused you for a blessing

When it all in my

Head. I deserve a throne,

But here I am at your feet,

Begging like a slave.

I deserve the world,

But I gave it up just

For you. I deserve so much

More. But here I am with 

Nothing to call “mine“.

I thought I had it all;

Until I realised I had nothing;

Not even you.

I don’t even have 

Myself anymore. 

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. Fantastic post! Very moving. So many of us “people pleasers” deserve better. You do deserve a throne! We all do! Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, wow, wow, I’m speechless. This is so relevant to the relationships between humans today. Sometimes we become overly confident about things that we really don’t have and in the end we lose those things plus ourselves.

  3. Oh my God gurl.. you gonna make me cry.. I got to reblog this sweetie.. I promise if I didn’t live through this and still trying to get through it..

  4. Interesting piece. I think we should all place values on ourselves. We shouldn’t lose ourselves trying to be “it” for someone else…

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