Everyone’s writing about their goals for 2017, their reflections from 2016, what they learned and what they achieved so far in 2016. So, I’m writing about 16 important things I’ve learned so far from 2016; a year filled with ups and downs, memories, lessons, love and hate, and so many other things. I’ll probably write a post on my reflection too; but that’ll be later; maybe. Here goes:

1. You’ll never achieve or get what you want if you don’t try. And even when you try, you might not succeed at first; but giving up shouldn’t be an option. No winner was ever a quitter.


2. Friends come from where you least expect. You’ll probably never have your old friends with you, and you’ll have to learn to accept that. But new friends make up for the old ones who were never meant to stay in life.

3. Pain is inevitable. But, you can either let that pain destroy you, or you can channel it into something productive and achieve a goal you never planned for.


4. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on anyone or anything. You should have the courage to let go of negative people who cause you nothing but pain. Despite how much you love them; because at some point, they’ll drop you.

5. Life is too precious to stay depressed or unhappy. You never know what you could be missing out on while choosing to suffer over someone or something. The clock moves forward; it doesn’t stop.

6. Be grateful. Yes, someone will definitely have more than you do, but that doesn’t mean you’ll remain like that forever. Meanwhile, there are people who would do anything to be in your position and have a little bit of what you have.

7. Value everything and everyone. If someone doesn’t value you, walk away. You can’t force yourself on anyone. If they don’t value you while you’re there, they should live without you, and you without them.

8. You have more strength than you can ever imagine. You thought you couldn’t live without something or someone; but you most definitely can because you’re living your life for “you.” Find your inner strength when you feel weak, broken and destroyed.


9. Live life to the fullest. So many people died this year; you never know who’ll be next. Spend time with those you love. Fight, but make up. Live your life and do what makes “you” happy.

10. Learn to believe in things again. You’ve lost hope in so many things as well as people, and no longer believe in things like you used to. But there’s still a little good and magic in this world; learn to believe.

11. Focus on what you like. Don’t let anyone’s negativity bring you down or hold you back. Not everyone wants to see you succeed. Remember, success is an individual thing.


12. Holding onto the past will never do you any good. You’ll keep hurting yourself with the memories, and you’ll never heal or find happiness. Let go of both the good and the bad, look forward. Life has so many surprises in store.

13. Everything is crazy. Life is not a fairy tale. Accept things as they come; everything happens for a reason. Sonner or later, everything will fall into place.

14. Create the kind of memories where you can look back and smile at everything. Make the most out of every situation.

15. Be who you are or who you want to be. Not who someone wants you to be. Not everyone will like you; no one has to like you anyway! Love yourself; embrace who you are despite your flaws; that’s all that really matters. Change only because you want to, and not because of anyone. You’re perfectly imperfect.

16. What I tell myself: no matter how much you fail, how many sleepless nights you have, and even if no one supports you, don’t give up. It’ll all be worth it in the end.


That was a lot, but it was great writing it down. Looking back at everything I’ve been through in 2016 which was the main inspiration for this post has helped me realise a lot. 2016 was a crazy year, but I hope and pray that 2017 will be so much better! Happy New year!!

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  1. I obviously didn’t end up winning the race😥, but it’s all good. Lovely post, I was expecting a reflection tho😉. These are great tips you just laid out, I hope a mass gets to read this. Thumbs up girl!!!!

    1. Lol thanks. This post is kind of my reflection because it’s everything I’ve learned this year through my experiences

  2. Preach! There’s a phrase we have in Scotland: what’s for you won’t go by you (/whit’s fur ye’ll no’ go by ye), and I try my best to keep that in mind. I wrote my reflection post* in a bit of a low mood, mainly in an attempt to remind myself that actually, the year wasn’t all bad. Ok, I couldn’t do as much as I’d like to, but the things I managed to do were incredible. The mind tends to focus on the bad stuff more than the good, so it’s always healthy to shake things up from time to time 🙂 Happy new year (/hogmanay) when it comes!

    (*for anyone who fancies a looky https://laidigsbroadway.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/rear-view/ )

  3. Number 15. Nice one! And the photo should’ve been me hanging. LoL. Hmmm… Change is really a nice concept and it’s been a redundant topic for most posts I’ve read so far… I’m thinking…

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