Hey everyone. I haven’t given blogging tips in a while; but I reposted the old tips; so you can read them and catch up on everything you’ve missed by clicking on “next post” below the “related post” tag. In today’s blogging tips, I’ll focus mainly on social media, and how you can use it to earn traffic. I’m not on a lot of social networks but I can say a thing or two from my experience. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Twitter: I joined Twitter a while back and at first, it was pretty useless and annoying; until I started gaining traffic from it. How? First off, I don’t tweet often; I’m more of a ghost on Twitter. But, I encourage adding you blog url to your Twitter bio as it might get you some clicks whenever someone follows you. I also recommend chat/RT accounts like @GRLPOWER/#GRLPOWER, @Bloggerstribe, @BloggersSparkle, @GossipBloggers, @PLBChat and sometimes #Bloggerswanted which for me are the best RT accounts on Twitter. They also host Twitter chats; and although I forget to participate a lot, it also gets you a few amount of traffic. You can get over 100 views from Twitter in a month if you play your cards right. There are also Twitter group chats where you can participate and share your links for everyone to check out your blog. I’ll tweet this post and tag my fav RT accounts because why not?
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2. Instagram: Many people think insta is all about posting pictures or playing the “follow and unfollow” game; but, besides that, you can also use insta to get traffic on your blog. First off, just like Twitter, add your blog url to your bio. Most people have an insta blog account and a personal one. I wouldn’t really recommend having two accounts as people might want to know the person behind the blog; but if you can handle it, do it. You can as well tag bloggers in your post, use hashtags which are really effective. My personal favs for a writer like me are #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #writersofig #quotes #poetry #poet #lovequotes #bloggerswanted #blogger #blog #blogging which actually attracts other writers and bloggers. Don’t forget to direct people to the link in your bio too (eg new post all about….link in my bio/click the link in my bio to visit my blog). You can also use your insta story to draw attention to your post as people tend to check out everyone’s story; for example, me! There are also insta pod for bloggers, maybe friends; but I’m not too sure about that. Although I would recommend it.
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3. Whatsapp: Probably doesn’t sound good enough; but it is. Millions of people use whatsapp more than any other social network/app; from my perspective. And, your friends and family are probably all on whatsapp. You can always share your posts to them and for everyone who clicks it, you get one view. It doesn’t really show in your dashboard as part of your referrals but it works. There are also whatsapp group chats for schools, bloggers, friends, work and so on. You can always share your posts to those groups which sometimes consist of over 50 people. And for each person who clicks your link, you get a view.

4. Facebook: Probably the largest social network with billions of users. What’s the best way to promote your blog? Through fb; and now you can promote your posts for thousands or even millions of people to see; but it comes at a price. Most people create fb pages, others, facebook groups. Some people use their personal account; and if you have lots of followers, even better. You can share a link to your post, and so many people get to see it. If they share it, it gets to other people as well. The views you can get from fb is really high; as long as you do things the right way.
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5. Bloglovin: I created an account last year; and I still have little idea how it works; but I get views from it. You just have to publish a post (if it’s connected to your blog; it automatically gets updated every time you post), and if someone reads it, that’s one view. It’s hard to get followers there but it’s used to keep up to date with blogs; and every time someone reads your post, that’s one view. If they “love” (or “save”) your post, it shows on their timeline and other people can read it as well. For me, bloglovin is a bit complicated and I haven’t tried to understand it yet; but you can still get a considerable amount of traffic from it.
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For every social network, the more you update your account and interact with people, the more attention you get. And the more attention you get, the more views your blog gets. It’s a win win. It’s not easy tweeting your links, posting on insta regularly, or updating your social networks; it’s just not easy promoting your blog on social networks; but the results are worth it; that’s why you can connect your social networks to your blog through the “sharing” section in your admin panel. I don’t know about blogger; but for wordpress once you do, every time you publish a post, it automatically gets posted on your connected social network account; so you have nothing to worry about. I hope these tips will be helpful for you guys. I’ve also heard about pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social networks, but I’ve never been able to understand them; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try because it might work for you. I don’t encourage joining lots of social networks but if you can handle the stress, it’s worth the shot.
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