Hey everyone. So far I’ve given 4 blogging tips; and when I gave my previous tipclick here to check it out, I talked mainly about getting views. I understand that everyone cares about different things; and I care about views; as well as blogger interactions.

1. Interact/Be Active: If you’re a blogger who comes online to publish a post and disappears without reading a few posts from the people you follow, I’m sorry but blogging isn’t for you. When you follow someone, it should be because you like their blog; not because you want them to return the favour and then you go MIA on their blog. It’s disturbing seeing someone with thousands of WP followers only to see their post get 10-20 likes. What happened to their followers? This brings me to number 2

2. Interact/ Be Active 2: A fellow blogger used the word “follow collector“. A follow collector is someone who follows a blog either as a hobby, their way of blogging, or because they want the person to follow them back. Then they go MIA and never like or comment on a post; while they’re busy posting on their blog. If this is your way of blogging, then, again, blogging isn’t meant for you. I understand that lately, WP hides; or should I say compresses some post; so we’re unable to see most people’s post. I know it happens to me and some other bloggers; but despite that, you should try interact with your fellow bloggers because it also helps you get discovered. As a blogger, I’d rather have a hundred followers who contribute to my blog than to have thousands of followers where only 10 people contributes. That’s why in one of my tips, I said followers isn’t everything; and I always stand by that.

3. Motivation: Most times when a blogger contributes to our post and when we get great reviews, it motivates us and it becomes one of our reasons for blogging. Also, in a previous tip, I talked about high expectations. Most people don’t motivate themselves to blog; they expect their blog to grow faster than a baby; and when it doesn’t, they get disappointed and eventually give up. No two blogs/bloggers are the same; and not everyone has the same luck when blogging. If you don’t motivate yourself everyday, no one will. What’s your reason for blogging? That should be your first motivation. If it’s to make money, help others, or whatever it may be, that should be your motivation. And with time, everything will fall into place. Like the saying goes “slow but steady wins the race“. If you haven’t heard it, you just did

4. Time: Most people complain about not having the time to blog. When you started, did you think it would be so easy? Nothing is easy; not even cooking; sometimes. Not having the time is not an excuse for not blogging. I’m a student; I have assignments to do, errands to run, research to make, and books to read. When I blog, people think I actually have lots of spare time on my hand. What I do is that I organise things and plan ahead. I have a time for blogging and during that time, I’m either on my way to class or doing something; but before I do what I have to do, I publish my post at that specific time then get on with my daily activity. That’s why most times when I publish a post, I don’t reply to comments on time. Sometimes, I stay up late working on a new post when I know I’ll be busy the next day. I always work on my post ahead of time and save it in my draft; you can as well schedule the post for a particular time. Not having the time really isn’t an excuse because there’s time for everything. You just have to organize yourself. 

5. Be Happy: If you’re not happy blogging because your views are low or because you feel like no one reads your post, your blog will eventually crumble. Before you blog, you have to ask what your reason is for blogging, find out if you have the time, and understand that your blog can’t go from 0-10,000 in a week; except you have a great way of getting traffic which you definitely have to share. If you’re not happy blogging, it’s like you’re being forced to do it. And the best thing to do is to take a little break because you’ll constantly be disappointed and you’ll keep bringing yourself down. Blogging is for fun, and not a survival of the fittest. When you’re happy with what you do, everything and anything can motivate you and your blog will grow; not very fast, but gradually. 

To read more blogging tips, check out my previous posts. Every link to my previous tip is always in the next post like I did above; or in the related post below. So you can read every tip if you haven’t. Bottom line; create a blogging schedule and plan ahead; life is probably all about planning. Be patient; no great blogger became that way in a matter of days. Motivate yourself; don’t let your little views and likes bring you down; keep blogging and keep your chin up. But most importantly, don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. I didn’t talk about it here; but I did in a previous tip; if you compare your blog to other blogs, you’ll be disappointed as well. Thanks for reading.

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  1. all great advice, especially #2 and #3 and this – When I blog, people think I actually have lots of spare time on my hand. – so true!

  2. I think I have those few followers who actually contribute to my blog and the rest seem to only read it.If even that.I’m fine with that. I blog for fun only so I don’t really care if someone reads it or not.
    These are really great tips and I agree with everything.

    1. Thank you. I think blogger contribution is great; just like you’ve left a comment. It shows that you read the post; even if it’s just a suggestion you have. Most people need it to feel motivated

    1. Thank you. It’s not a problem Susie; I know you’re an amazing person, and you’re always around. We all have things to do😊

  3. Thanks Enigma you really give so much good inspiring words to all your bloggers so as you rightly say, we need to give comments to each and every blogger who writes so beautifully from his or her heart it also boosts them to write better and better.

  4. Thanks for these great tips. It helps bring me back to what I love the most which is connecting with people from around the world. I used to have lot’s of pen pals and still have some. I love the idea of having a more interactive connection as a blogger.

  5. All of these points are so so true! Especially the interaction ones, that’s just too important for me, I just hate it when you have mutuals and then you always stop by that person’s blog but you never hear from them again, it’s just sad, but oh well, it’s not always like that! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays dear! <3


  6. Even being consistent is the key. I tend to blog everyday and people expect that, but when I need to take some time off, I write a blog post saying I need about three weeks or even a month off. I already go to other blog posts that I follow and actually comment on their post. For my blog more people like my posts than actually comment. I currently have 170 wordpress followers and sometimes it helps to look at someone else’s post and sometimes I actually invite them to look at my blog.

    Blogging is for me because I love to write and I love it when followers comment and like my posts. There are some people who comment on and like my posts, but never follow. I am trying to get 500 followers by the end of year and does seem quite difficult

    1. I think telling your followers you’ll be taking a certain amount of time off is actually a good thing because when you don’t, they’ll assume you’ve stopped blogging. People actually comment on or like posts; which is a good thing. But its their decision to follow; all the same, interaction is a good part of blogging

  7. You are so much understanding and amazing. You know what exactly people think and do when they open new blog. I think I’m the only one who did all those things to get likes but I understand now after reading your post that if I continously post on my blog without giving focus on followers and views but focus on why I want to run a blog then eventually I find success.Thanks to you. You motivate me so much and you are a good motivator. You are amazing and a true blogger. Thank you again ☺

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