Hey everyone. It’s the weekend; well almost. I’ve given loads of blogging tips lately; and my last one was EASY WAYS TO INCREASE SITE TRAFFIC AND GET MORE FOLLOWERS: 5. I’ve decided to give more tips, but this time I chose to call it “Easy ways to Improve and grow your blog“; mostly because it’s shorter and because I didn’t want to come up with a different name; and coming up with post titles is hard. I’ve given a total of 25 blogging tips; each broken down into five posts; so I’m surprised I still have more to give. Here goes:

1. Consistency is the key: Just like every relationship, consistency is the key. And your blog is like your partner. In the sense that you have to post as often as you can; but that doesn’t mean 10 posts a day. A maximum of 3 posts per day for daily bloggers and a maximum of 4 posts per week for weekly bloggers. When you post everyday; or constantly, your readers will always look forward to more posts, and, gradually, you’ll be recognized. But as long as you publish quality posts. But, when you post once a week/month, no one will even remember you because there are other posts to read. Like the saying goes, there are other fishes in the sea

2. Never: By never, I mean never comment “great post” and then leave your link on the person’s post. I published a post asking for people’s opinion on doing share your link post and someone left that comment with their blog link. When you do that, it’s obvious you didn’t read the post and you’re just trying to promote your blog so, that comment will be deleted. When you have something good to contribute, say, or suggest, do it. Other wise, don’t comment at all saying “great post” and then leaving your blog link. Don’t! It’s annoying!

3. Use Pictures: I realised that a blog post gets more attention when it has pictures in it. I don’t always use pictures because I let my words do the job for me, but a good picture attracts more attention even when the post is long or boring. Although the picture has to relate to the post. And your heading/title has to be attractive as well. No one wants to read a post titled “today” even if the picture is really attractive. And most times people don’t look at the title, but rather, the picture. 

4. Write more: Most people don’t cultivate the habit of writing; and as a blogger, you have to learn to write as much as possible. I love writing, and I always work on my post ahead of time which makes it easier. Even if you’re discouraged due to your views or followers; as long as you love writing and you keep doing it, your blog will grow. But when you’re unable to write and you feel discouraged, the chances of your blog growing is 5 to 100. This goes along side number one. You can’t be a blogger who hates writing. That’s like being a baby who hates food; or being alive and not breathing; that’s really impossible. It doesn’t work that way so you get more point.

5. Don’t follow for follow: I talked about this on a previous tip but I have to address it again. When you follow someone, don’t expect them to follow back. This isn’t Instagram; although on insta, they unfollow. You should follow someone because you’re interested in their blog; and before you do, take the time to read a minimum of 5 posts. I’ve seen cases where people say they’ve followed a blog and then they ask them to follow back, or where a blogger says they follow back. You’ll definitely get more followers; but not loyal followers. Then you’ll end up with 5k followers and only 4 likes per post which is just sad. To grow your blog, you need to act really smart; like you’re trying to get a $10m contract. That 10m sounds so good.

Those are the few tips I can give for now. If you haven’t read my previous tips, you can by clicking the link above. I hope these tips will be helpful. 

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    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I leave it but now I’ve decided to delete it. If it’s a useful comment, they can definitely leave their link. If not, delete!!!

  1. Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I read every word and in my heart I said yes, yes, yes. Consistancy. Write every day if possible, but write something others would want to read. Otherwise, shut up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you. If you’re recognized for posting twice a week, you can keep it up. But you’ll have to add to it as time goes on

  2. About posting photos. Be very careful about that. There’s a lot of free photos online but even then you should think twice before using them.If you take your own then no problem at all.

    3 posts a day?! A bit too much for my liking. If you post too often people will get bored. Of course it depends what kind of content you post.

    1. I think people get bored based on what you post not the number of times you post. You can post once and people will still get bored. It all just depends on your followers and what you post.

      1. That was just a blog tip I got once but it’s true, it’s the content people get bored of and how many times you post.
        And yes those laws concerns the blogging world too.

  3. I love the tip number 2 .. hahaha, it always happen to me.. I remember the one who just put her link on the comment box, just the link of her blog hah. No comment at all. lol.

    1. That’s clearly a spam. I can guess that the blogger has done it multiple times on different sites.

      Google doesn’t like spam sites. Sites like that send a big red flag to Google and Google’s search engine algorithm will eventually penalize that site, or worse, completely remove it from its search engine index.

  4. Very much agree with #5! People in the past have commented “f4f?” before on my social media accounts, and at first I didn’t know what it meant (so I googled it ๐Ÿ˜‚), then I realized it was kind of weird to do that. I really only follow blogs that I like.

  5. Nice tips..ill apply them to mine..buh i cant just make 3 posts a day..im super busy..i struggle to make two posts in a week..buh like u said consistency is very important.ill try n step up my post frequrncy..

    1. I said maximum of three posts because some people exceed that; you don’t have to write three posts a day; but you should be consistent ๐Ÿ˜Š

          1. They really need to change their horrible style because this isn’t Instagram ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Sorry..i meant there’s this background that pops up interrupting my view on your blog while im on my mobile..dunno if its just me or you have noticed it too..its the same reason i couldnt complete the last comment

      1. i guess it isn’t very compatible with my mobile browser as it just shows up as a green background..cool blog You’ve got tho..

        1. Thank you. You can always close the pop up. You can also download my blog app from playstore to keep up with my post

  7. Certainly good advice, I should start following quite some few. I actually don’t have anything prepared when I start to write in the blog. After I read other blogs I usually get an idea for me to write. Maybe that should change, one of the many things to change.

  8. These are some really great tips, thank you for sharing! I’m trying to be more consistent with posting which is going well so far but I think I need to promote myself more because I’m still not getting a lot of traffic. It takes time I suppose! x

  9. Fantastic list. I have to agree with all of these, especially consistency. It’s one of those things that sounds so easy but isn’t.

    Loving your blog by the way, would you be interested in taking your writing to the next level and sharing your work elsewhere. I’d love to talk to you about our platform. Simply shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested, you can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Great advice, I liked your point on ‘consistency’ and writing quality over quantity. I also liked your other post on ‘improving your blog’ where you talked about stress. Right now, I hate everything I’ve been writing so I don’t post, but it’s been too long since my last post so I’m sitting in front of my computer growling at the screen wanting to rip my hair out. You’re right though, stressing about it makes it worse. Anyhow, loved both your posts they’ve been helpful.

  11. These tips are actually very helpful and true. Consistency is a big one… there is so much content out there these days that if you aren’t showing up regularly with valuable informative insightful content, people will forget about you. It is also important to leave insightful and thoughtful comments on blogs… the good karma that you incur will eventually redound in your own blog’s growth… sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. On point here… thanks for sharing.

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