Hey guys😊. I’m still taking a break from writing poems; only for a really short time though. So, it’s time for another tip. I gave some tips yesterday; click here to check it out. Now, for today’s tip, I won’t say much or elaborate on anything; so the post won’t be too long. I’ll just say what you guys should and shouldn’t do because knowing the do’s and don’ts of blogging will help you guys grow as a blogger. Every tip I give is all from experience, and it’s what I do. So basically I’m a blogging chef. Here are today’s tips:

1. Getting views: We’ve all heard the saying “bros over hoes“; well, this one is “views over likes“. Probably doesn’t rhyme at allπŸ˜… but you get the message. Most people are concerned about getting more likes on their post than getting views; without knowing that getting views is way more important. I’m always happy when my post gets more views than likes because the view is way more important. I’m not saying getting likes is a bad thing; I just think views are way more important than likes; and there are so many ways to get it. This brings me to number 2.

2. Getting views part 2: There are so many ways to get views on your blog. The most important is writing quality posts which I talked about in my previous tip; so I won’t talk about it again. I’m not a social network expert as I barely care about any of them but, they’re a source of getting views from outside the WP community because they help you get your message across to people who might be interested; examples like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc are some of the social networks you can use. Daily prompt helps too; I talked about that in my first tip as well. I no longer participate in it; so technically, I won’t emphasize on it. Participating in meet and greets or share your link post, and community pool also adds to your views. 

3. Getting views part 3: You can see how I break everything into sections or numbers so the post doesn’t appear longer than it should be. Now, back to getting views. You can also get views from search engines by submitting your url to an index or web submission site (it can be paid or free); it has helped me out quite a lot; especially Google. I don’t really save most of the sites link but I can try to get it for whoever might need it. Blogging as often as you can is also a way to increase your views. Most people complain about not getting views when they barely post anything; so their blog ends up having imaginary spider webs and feeling like a desert. You might use being busy as an excuse but I’ve heard that before and that’s not an excuse because despite being busy, you still have time to do other things. You neglect your blog because you want to or don’t feel like writing a new post, not because you’re busy. There’s always time for everything. 

4. High Expectations: This is a major factor thats actually ruining blogs. Many people start their blogs with the high expectation of it skyrocketing or growing fast during the first few months. But, that’s a terrible thing because when you don’t get what you expect, you give up. Owning a blog is like going to a new school; you don’t know anyone there but you try to make a name for yourself despite how much you fail at getting along with everyone. That’s basically how life is and a blog is quite the same. So if you expect to get thousands of views in your first week, you’ll be disappointed. Although most people have the good luck of skyrocketing during the first few months but not everyone uses the same technique as some people have more experience while others are just lucky. You have to grow your blog with low expectations but with a good defense; that’s how you’ll grow.

5. Highlight The Important Points: For those people who write long posts, even if you use paragraph to make the post appear shorter, you also need to highlight the important part you want people to take notice of. You can see how I make some of my writings bold; because when I do that, despite how long the post is, people will take notice of what I want. You can also underline; I guess, use colours, and Italics to draw your readers attention to a specific part of the post because not everyone has the time to read a long post; especially when it has no pictures. Well this post doesn’t have pictures but in my defence, which picture can I use?

That’s all guys. I said I wouldn’t elaborate on the topics so if you don’t understand something or you have a question to ask, please feel free to draw my attention. I’ll always respond. I hope these tips will be as helpful to you guys as it has been for me. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Interesting post but bloggers have different goals. I like seeing views but they are really meaningless. A like shows that someone possibly read it and enjoyed it. A comment though is the highest praise for me and many others. It shows a reader was engaged enough to interact with you…as I have on this post. I believe inspiring engagement with followers of your blog is the higher of aspirations. Great tips and thanks for sharing😊

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m not saying likes and comments are not important; I talked about that on a previous tip. But I’m saying views are way more important because your post can have lots of likes and barely any views. And at the end of the day, your total views will be really low

      1. I understand what you are saying. I’m saying not all bloggers have views as the number one goal. View count is meaningless to me. It is reader engagement and interaction with my work. Just offering a different perspective as a blogger that builds a blog around engagement and interaction, not view count.

        1. Ok I understand as well. You’re the only person I’ve seen who doesn’t care about views. Impressive! And slightly strange thoughπŸ˜…

          1. I can see where you’re both coming from & why Michael came at it from another direction — and how different bloggers have different goals (bc we all have different reasons behind our actions) — I can see how reader engagement Could be far more interesting than views for someone who just truly wants to connect & adding value to just one person’s life could easily be a blogger’ s goal. Like Quality > Quantity. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about doing what’s right for you/your blog/your style ;))

          2. Not quite the way I put it. Just looking for a deeper experience than chasing view count number as the ultimate market for satisfaction. 10 views with 10 thoughtful comments is better (to me) than 1000 superficial views and no comments. Anyway, my last comment on this. Attribute my opinion to being a more thoughtful person rather than being strange. πŸ‘

  2. Number 4 explains it then why it has taken me so long to get views on my blog. I’ve never been good getting new friends from school, so it’s the say with blogging. I’m not so fussy anymore about views or likes. I would still find time to blog no matter what.

    1. There are websites that can help you index and submit your url to websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, so your site can show up in the search engine whenever someone searches for something related to your site. If you submit to the right site or something like that; you won’t only get traffic; but your site will rank higer in Google search. Kind of like SEO

  3. Awesome post. I’m averaging 1,000 people a day and just started a month ago, if you find the right base it helps a lot. All of those are really good tips, especially about not giving up!

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