Hey everyone. Well, I’m taking a little break from writing poems so I can do something else. And, that’s giving out tips to help out bloggers, while giving examples of my own experience so you guys can get a much better understanding. I haven’t been blogging for that long yet but it already feels like I have so much experience๐Ÿ˜… that’s why I have to share some of the tips that has helped me grow as a blogger in almost 7 months. I’ve shared two tips already, this is the third one, and it’s always effective. Enough discussion; you can check out my previous tips by clicking here. Now, to the business of the day.

1. Find Inspiration: For most people like me, it’s easy to find inspiration. For example, I can sit down for a few minutes or see one word and immediately get inspired to write. That’s why I write a lot of poems (also formed by my emotions). For most people, it’s quite different. Not everyone’s the same; you can’t sit and wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door. Go out in search of anything to write about; it could be nature, someone’s life, an object, etc; anything can be a source of inspiration; even your life. You never know what will captivate and inspire you; and when you find inspiration, you’ll never run out of ideas

2. Find Your Niche:
 I’ll simply say that your niche is your area of specialization; its much easier to understand it. Its hard for most people to find their niche. But to do that, ask yourself why you blog. Knowing why you blog will help you in a great way. Do you blog to express yourself? To motivate others? To educate? To entertain? Whatever the reason may be, you’ll find your niche. When you find your niche and you write on what you know best, you’ll never run out of ideas or get bored. I have an interest in so many things; but I’ve come to realize that my main niche is poetry. If you’re still new to blogging, you have nothing to worry about now; everything will fall into place as time goes on. This brings me to number 3.

3. Stick To What You Know: After finding inspiration and your niche, you may decide to change what you write about or continue with it; the decision is up to you. But, if you write about fashion, food, health, animals, stories, reviews on products, charity, news, or anything, stick to it as long as you love it. Most people tell me to write about sports or entertainment, but I always refuse to do it because I don’t have a passion for it; and if I decide to do it, I’ll end up losing lots of readers just to gain a few. As long as you love and stick to what you know, your reader base will grow. Not immediately; but gradually because they’ll be interested in your blog.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity: Most people wonder why they don’t get readers or views; even when they write a lot. The reason is because your post doesn’t have much quality. You can write a long post that’s boring because you feel longer post will attract more people. You can also post 5 times a day and get no views. Why? Because you choose quantity over quality. It’s better to publish 1 post in a day that has so much quality, than to publish 4 posts with no quality. You can write a short post and get your message across to your readers. You can also write a long post and get the same result. Most readers care about length, but a lot of readers care more about quality. What you post is like your food; which you share with your friends. If the food isn’t delicious, no one will eat it; despite the amount you serve.

5. Always Correct Errors: It’s only normal for someone to get bored while reading a post with errors. No one has to the time to try and understand the post when there are spelling and grammatical errors. For example, “I wantid say she will not leav but but I is wrong“. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚that’s funny though, and I just made it up. When you type something like that, you’ll understand it, but no one will. And no one will try to read your work when there are a lot of errors in it. Best way to avoid this is to save your post in your draft and show it to someone who’s fluent in English so they can correct your mistakes before you publish the post; or you can take time out to read the post before you publish it; I read my post like 5 times (or more) before I publish it because I’ll always want to add, remove, or correct something. It helps you and your readers.

I always give five tips so that’s it๐Ÿ˜Š. Bottom line, inspiration as well as sticking to what you know are important factors to note  when writing. I hope this helps you guys too๐Ÿ˜Š. These are just the basics so if you’d like to learn more, read my previous tips; especially the first tip. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading

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    1. Going through your blog, I saw that I’ve liked a lot of posts already. But if I may suggest using more catchy and vibrant headings for your post. Something that’ll capture our attention. You know?

  1. You can also find inspiration from other bloggers. I actually got inspiration writing poetry once in a while from you ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know if I know it but I still write if I don’t have anything else to write about.

    1. I’m actually in school too; but I always find time to blog. When you want to do something, you create time. Find a way to squeeze in into your schedule

      1. Due to being in school, blogging actually helps me cope with all of the stresses of college life. Sometimes I have to take a blogging break due to school work. Sometimes if you just don’t have much time, sometimes a blog post can be something as simple as a list

        1. Despite not having time, publishing just one post that has so much quality is better than publishing 3 boring posts

          1. I only post one blog a day. When it is a long post, I break it up into paragraphs and sometimes have pictures. Sometimes a blog needs to be long and sometimes needs to be short

  2. I felt a stabbing pain when you touched upon spelling. My favorite quote is “me fail English; that unpossable”. Thanks goodness for English major friends.

  3. Love these tips! I agree with the quality>quantity thing. One thing I posted a poem called “Live your Life” and I thought it was really short, and maybe won’t attract many readers. But then more people liked it than I thought! And it bothers me how people don’t spell check their posts sometimes.

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