Some time back, I gave tips on how to increase site traffic and get more followers. Click here to check it out. I was happy to find out that my tips helped many people because different people thanked me and told me how my tips helped them. I told you guys I’d give more tips; so that’s what I’m about to do. I’ll say little but elaborate on this topic because I feel it’s important to help you grow as a blogger. 

1. Be Yourself: Many of you might be like “I’m always myself while blogging” or “what is she talking about?” Here’s what I’m talking about. Let’s face it; we’re a community here; almost like a family. But, most people envy other bloggers. Why?? Many people started blogging before, after, or the same time as you; but they’ve surpassed your limit. You want to know what they did or how they did it. You want to move higher. But no; that’s not the right way to go. It’s okay to admire someone’s work and look up to them; but admire them in a good way and keep doing your thing. Just because you write about fashion and they write about books; they have more likes and followers than you do doesn t mean you should change your topic or feel insecure. The fact that no one is reading it now, doesn’t mean it’ll remain like that forever. Focus on your topic, be yourself, and work hard!

2. Followers Isn’t Everything: Followers don’t really matter if you don’t have loyal followers. I’ve seen people with thousands of followers (yes; WP followers not publicize followers) who barely get up to 30 likes on their post. What’s the point of having so many followers if no one reads your post or contribute to it? It might be that they don’t like what you post; or they’re just not interested in it. Now, this brings me to number 3.

3. Followers Isn’t Everything 2: This has to do with number one and two. Someone might have 2,000+ followers and only have 5,000+ total views. While someone else with 1,000+ followers can have 25,000+ total views. It’s not all about the followers. You might end up losing loyal readers because you want to get more followers. And your blog won’t grow that way. Do your thing and just be happy doing it. People can sense emotion and love even through the internet. Don’t write a topic to attract 3 viewers and end up losing 100 viewers. 

4. Limit Your Post/Content: This is important as well. When you write 5 posts in an hour, no one will want to read that. It fills our WP reader; and for me, it’s annoying. I can’t look for posts to read and see 5 post from one person in 20 minutes; I can’t read it all when I’m looking for something else to read. About the content; we have other things to do besides blogging. When we take out time to read a post, no one wants to read a post with 8,000 words. It’ll be too long. There are notifications, messages to respond to, and more posts to read. You should try to limit your content because reading something for like 5 minutes when I have things to do is boring. Make paragraphs instead to make it look short. This post is long; I know 😅

5. Captivate Your Readers: For someone like me who takes time to read people’s post, I want to get captivated either by the heading, the picture, or the first word I see. If I see a topic titled “tree“, I probably won’t read it. But if I see a topic titled “you’ve probably never done this in a tree“, I’ll definitely be curious. That doesn’t mean you should use outrageous topics or copy someone else’s topic because it relates to yours. For example, last, while looking for posts to read, I came across a blog; and I was captivated by the picture. I read it, and I had to comment as well. I went on to read every other post as they were just 7 in number; and I loved it! Not only that, I asked the blogger to be a guest on my blog; all because I was captivated by a picture. Something in your blog has to get the attention of your readers if not, you’ll just be writing for yourself.

I hope these few tips, as well as the previous ones can help you guys out; especially the newbies. I’ll give more tips later; and they’ll be better next time😉. Thanks for reading.

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