Hey everyone. I know this isn’t usually what I talk about but I just want to draw people’s attention to something like this. A lot of people get scammed online because they give out important information to wrong people (scammers) which is a horrible thing as they can access anything and everything through the given information which leads to some people getting defrauded.

I’m sure we all get spam emails; well I do, a lot actually. But the one I got yesterday was quite peculiar. Around 1:35am, I checked my email on my phone and as always, I checked my spam folder because there was an email there. And I got this message:

First of all, I don’t sell any product so it was really strange when I saw that. I decided to download the file in the email; I opened it in my browser and I got this:

They really expect someone to type in their email and password just to view a document! Normally we use our emails to register for things on the internet but they never ask for our password. It was straight up scam so I quickly existed my browser and deleted the email. For most people who get spam emails asking for your personal information, the best way to avoid it is to:
1. Ignore it. There might be a location or an address registered as their own in the email; but scammers are good at these things. This isn’t the first time it has happened to me.
2. Don’t give out any information. Your email might be fine for anything online; like on a website. But when it comes to scammers, they can find a way to get your password through your email.
3. Don’t save important things like credit card numbers or bank account details in your email because you never know when you could get hacked.
4. Be careful when filling out forms online; make sure you read every information provided on a webpage.
5. Don’t respond to every email you get because they might be scammers and they’re good at their job. The minute they ask for any personal information, don’t reply.

I hope these few tips help; and from the pictures above, you can see how devious these things are. They can get anyone into serious trouble; it’s best to know about it so you can prevent it.

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  1. Good advice. I’m always amazed when I open the Spam file in my WordPress comments page and see the type of crap that people are trying to sell through my blog. Thank goodness it gets filtered out!

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