Hey everyone. Yesterday, I saw a topic about feminism. I didn’t read it though; I saw the topic so I decided to write about it because why not? Most people think feminism is about equality between the sexes or about women coming together to achieve a goal. My take on feminism isn’t just about women empowerment. For example, Taylor Swift who has a girl squad or whatever she calls it; that’s not feminism to me. Why? First of all, only slim and famous girls are in the squad; what about fat girls? How would they feel? Also, she wrote a song dissing her fellow artiste and woman, Katy Pery. How is that woman empowerment? Btw, I hate Taylor Swift and her fake squad😅. Also, I didn’t do any research on this topic😊

Women empowerment isn’t about forming a club or society to me. I have 5 sister’s so I have a little knowledge of it. My take on feminism isn’t just about women supporting eachother; it’s about letting someone’s success (a woman) motivate you without feeling jealous of their success. For instance, a group of female friends like those stupid reality shows (Real house wives of whatever), one will definitely surpass the others like Beyonce in Destiny’s child. But when someone’s success can be a motivation for you, without feeling jealous or having bad blood, that’s feminism. People can fake happiness for another person’s success; but they know how they really feel on the inside. It’s not about forming allegiance against other women; it’s about supporting, empowering, defending and guiding eachother on the right part. I feel like women are sneaky and spiteful. But when a woman can support a fellow women who she hates or has an issue with in her time of need, that’s feminism. 

Feminism isn’t a political movement or whatever google explains it to be. It is an act and a feeling that lives within women; as well as men. What is feminism to you? I think this is the most serious post I’ve ever written😂

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  1. My take on feminism is everyone being kind. I have been bullied by girls and boys in the past (mostly girls though) and my take on feminism is everyone treating others well. That also means girls treating others well. Girls can be extremely mean sometimes so I just want girls to stop being so mean to one another.

  2. My take on feminism is just equality between the genders. Men shouldn’t be pressured to be so masculine, they shouldn’t be stigmatized if they get raped, stuff like that. Women shouldn’t be looked down upon, feminity shouldn’t be excused with weakness, stuff like that.

    I appreciate your definition of feminism because I’m beyond sick and tired of seeing pop culture make out women to be these inconsiderate, hateful beings who are always trying to one-up each other. Maybe I just come from the wrong place, but in my life, I’ve only seen girls protect others girls. I think it’s basic human decency to look after each other. Humans protect humans.

    I have no love for people who are fake or step on others so they can rise up.

  3. I think there are two distinctions here. One is what we feel, and one is what’s the law. People supporting other people–that’s humanity, a quality of being humane. (Or it should be, and humans in general should be doing a better job of this all around.) Limiting opportunity through law meant to oppress a certain race, gender, or sexual preference–that is where the -isms come in. Feminism sprung from the need to rectify wrongs such as not allowing women to vote, or own property, or have the right over their own bodies. The modern definition of feminism, to me, is an active watchdog movement that women’s rights are not inferior to those of men by the laws imposed upon us, and that the fight continues for equality that is protected by our governing body. A woman can say she is equal, but it means nothing g when Brock Turner rapes her without consequence. That is the difference between a feeling and the protection of the law.

  4. I grow up in the 60-s and we men tried to be as equal to women as much as we could I failed many times but I got on thing right. I spent one year with my daughter age 2 years. This was controversial and I was warned by my employer to stop doing this! I learned a lot from this experience. The most important one is that since then I have supported her whenever she was not treated equally. I think this is feminism to me

  5. Starting in the 1960’s feminism was a political movement. We needed it for more reasons than I can tell you – the right to birth control, our own credit cards, etc. I wish, that after all this time, we didn’t have to (still) refer to this term. “Women’s rights” just like “civil rights” should be a given. But alas, we still have those in power who see us as inferior. Sad.

  6. Interesting question. I think feminism started as a movement to empower women to feel equal to men and I get the need for it but I feel at some point it went too far when some women made others feel less important if they wanted to stay home to care for their children. I agree women can be so competitive and jealous that they don’t empower each other anymore but step on each other and demean them. Not all women are created equal. Great post!

  7. I agree 💯 with you, celebrities show bad examples of what feminism is, thanks for the post and reminder of the importance of honesty and lack of envy.

  8. Many woman seems to think that feminism means that girls and boys should be the same. We should be doing the same things. In other words women can live like men and do the same work and so on…I don’t think we should be the same as boys but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t be equal and value one and other. That we should do. Our differenses is completeing each other.

  9. Hmm, this is a strange post and some strange responses. They are responses I haven’t seen or heard before, for me Feminism is all about equality. Nothing more nothing less. No one should be dragging anyone down, even by pointing out Taylor Swift and saying that’s not feminism you are knocking her down. Instead people should be focusing on what they want to achieve because successful feminism breaks down the barriers preventing them. Instead of focusing on this negative pop culture that you don’t want to see can I avert your attention to Emma Watson. Instead of complaining about inequality and trying to knock people down she is not only a great role model for children but a woman who has set up the He for She campaign. Inviting men into the campaign of feminism with a profound speech at the UN
    “How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?” – Emma Watson
    Why not look at people like Tom Hardy who when asked if he wondered why there were so many women in the Mad Max: Fury Road film responded “Not for one minute.” With a laugh at the strange question.
    Both genders fighting for equality and the right to do what feels right to them. That is what feminism is.

  10. Feminism was founded to combat overt discrimination against women in the workplace. If you go back just 50 years, women were expected to get married and pregnant. The only careers available were in teaching and nursing. Obviously, there are exceptions to this statement, but the rarity of the exceptions proves the fact of discrimination. There was no law keeping women out of the workplace, but there was a serious effort to kick them out of jobs they performed during WWII when most of the male population was away at war after the men returned. Discrimination is pay continues to this day. If you look at the current initiatives to restrict access to contraceptions (ACA repeal and defunding Planned Parenthood), actions that primarily affect women, some still have a desire to push women back into traditional roles.

    Being nice isn’t going to change that. Do you like getting paid less than your male coworkers? Do you like going into a meeting and being asked to go for coffee for the male attendees? Is that how you want to be treated?

    Arguably, there are people who would like to see women out of the workplace to make less competition for jobs for me. In the age of robotization of jobs, the pressure to remove women from the workforce is likely to increase. (By some estimates, 43% of current jobs in the US will disappear within 20 years.)

    And now we have people in positions of political power who basically view women as sex objects. Good luck with that.

    My belief is that there is nothing inevitable about the direction of social evolution. You either take active interest in defending your rights or risk losing them.

  11. Hi!
    I’ve recently started a blog and its going to be exploring a lot of different topics because its my primary outlet for thought and we (humans) are complicated creatures with many feelings and opinions, but one of the topics I would LOVE to explore with others is menstruation, sex health and consent. I think its insane that something that over half the world experiences first hand is still considered “taboo” and would like to start getting it into the spotlight. I only got started o this project a few days ago, and I’m not a pro with blogging or wordpress, so feel free to follow or comment or contact me with suggestions.
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    I can see how this would seem like a lot of self promotion, but I really would love to get some support and suggestions on how to break this stigma.
    So check it out (or don’t)
    but keep being badasses, that are taking control of both their bodies and the internet! xxx
    Elizabeth Rose

  12. I don’t think celebrities embody what feminism is at all. Especially, Taylor Swift. I do agree with your point about not dragging other women down for not agreeing with something you like.

    To me feminism is a policial movement. Women are very underrepresented and still have to fight for equal opportunities. In many ways our movement doesn’t represent women in a good light or help them out, so that’s why we have feminism. Feminist are fighting for a women’s right to choose, better living conditions, and many other things. I had this same issue when I first became a feminist. I would look at celebrities who called themselves feminist and try to practice what they preach (even TSwift). It wasn’t until later that half of them were faking it and I had to find my own feminist idols (bell hooks for example). Don’t get me wrong, many women in Hollywood are feminist, but unfortunately the media only focus on the bad ones.

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