Poets don’t cry! 

We write our sad heart’s 

Out; with the last breath 

We have, and the smile we’re 

Able to force out. We let 

Our words do the talking.

We let our words cry- the

Tears we’re unable to let 

Flow. I write my heart

Out and let it say the

Things I’m unable to voice out.

And then I wear my smile

Like a crown fit for a queen.

But nobody knows it’s a 

Lonely world for a poet

Like me. A poet whose words

Tell the story she keeps

Hidden from the world.

A poet who sees the world

As death; and death as


– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. “a poet that sees the world as death, and death as peace”. That is so deep and written like a natural born poet.
    It reminds me of me at your age I wrote a piece that said, “The world is like biting into a fat Juicy Apple and watching a worm crawl out.” You have such a gift enjoy it.

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