I hate your eyes; and the

Way you look at me. It

Fills me with a weird

Sensation because I know

Those eyes belongs to me.


I hate the way you smile

When we talk. That, mixed

With your stare,

Is everything I

Could ever want.


I hate your hands; the way

You hold mine and keep

Them locked in yours; and

The way you squeeze it; makes

Me want to stay in the moment.


I hate your voice; when we

Talk, it soothens me,

And I ignore everyone

Just to listen to you.


I hate your personality because

You’re so annoying. You annoy

Me so much that I miss it

Whenever you’re not around.


I hate seeing you laugh;

Although you don’t laugh as

Hard as I do, I know I’m the

Reason behind your happiness;

And that too is my happiness.


I hate seeing you everyday,

And thinking about you because

You’re everything I want and,

Everything I can’t have.


I hate that I love you this much.

And everything I hate about you

Is actually everything I love

About you and more.

I hate this.

– Okoto Enigma

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  1. Hey Okoto,

    I hate the way you write coz it is far too sinful to not read! A beautiful poem!! I could feel your passion when I read it!! All the best for your exams!


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