80’s SONG

80’s song reminds me of

The part of my life

I’d love to get back. 

The pure sensation 

And the beat of my heart

To every rhythm. The memories 

I’ve held onto; which I’d love

To forget. 80’s song playing;

Reminds me of a different

Kind of happiness that can’t 

Be gotten despite how long

It has been. And

The voices in my 

Head tell me to listen.

80’s song reminds me of a

Little girl who grew up

In a cold world.

I’ll never forget the song;

Or the rhythm. 

– Okoto Enigma 

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        1. We can’t possibly know every 80’s artiste. I know a lot of songs but I barely know the person/people who sang it. Sometimes I even forget the name of the song; but the lyrics are in my head

          1. Its not every artist, its the big guys who made amazing music 😏😏😏 at least you know the songs, you have good taste

          1. Only crappy to us though.

            My four year old.. knows every lyrics to theses songs….
            and he loves the radio πŸ“» blasting..
            makes me laugh πŸ˜‚ Everytime..

            It’s their era .. their music 🎢..

            Imagine what they think.. 20… 30 years from now….

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