I can’t say I

Didn’t love you; even though 

You don’t deserve it. I can’t say

You didn’t hurt me when

You very much did; more

Than you can imagine. 

I can’t say I still don’think about you; 

Because you’re always on my 

Mind. I can’t say there are days

When I don’t want you back;

But it’s impossible. I can’t say 

You were a mistake; because 

At some point you were everything 

To me. But it’s too late to

Go back to what’s already 

Dead. From dust, to dust.

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. “you were a mistake because at some point you were everything to me” So difficult not to feel that way, but of course its the most toxic way to ruin a relationship (speaking from my own experiences) sigh

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