Hey everyone. Well, I just feel like expressing myself today; something I haven’t done in a while. Sometimes I think about stuff; and I was wondering if our best is ever enough; like do we even need to try our best to achieve something?

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now; and so far everything has been really great. I’ve put in so much time, effort, and money to get my blog in the right place. But lately, I just feel like all my efforts have been for nothing. Like, I’ve tried my very best but it feels like it just isn’t enough. It’s a really strange feeling I can’t explain! My blog isn’t in the right place at the moment and I feel like I’m not either. I’ve never felt this urge of wanting to give up on my blog like I do now; but I just can’t. I strive for success so much that failure for me, seems like poison. Although, you can’t get success without failure; but when you try your hardest and it feels like nothing is going well, it sucks! It really does!

I’ve tried getting what I want; but I’ve failed so much already. Half of me wants to go on, but the other half doesn’t because, what if I keep failing? Is it really worth the effort? Is it really worth giving it my all? Is it really worth dealing with the anguish whenever I fail? What if it’s not meant to be? What if it’s not worth it; and it was all in my head? Giving up isn’t an option; neither is failure. But when you try your best and hope for the very best, only to get disappointed, maybe giving up is an option. And then again, maybe it’s not. But we’ll never know; and that’s the worse part of it. So, is our best really enough?

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  1. If you do want an honest opinion from me. And a serious talk at that. Let’s head on over to email. I don’t feel like posting my thoughts here. It’s better I talk to you in private.

  2. Hey! This post shook me.

    You are doing what your heart says but something in your mind blocks everything out. Don’t let your mind distract you from your main goal. If it wasn’t meant to be, to run a blog, you wouldn’t be here right now, having your own domain and so many people reading your blog posts. You are successful and if you feel like you are failing, remember this; you can’t succeed without failing. Fall down many 10x but learn how to stand up 1000x. That’s what all is about. Don’t let your mind take control of your heart.

    As I was reading this, I could feel how these two organs -mind&heart- are fighting each other. Don’t stress it out too much. You’ll be fine, everything will be fine. Just give it time, okay?

    I’m here if you need to talk. You can find me on instagram, or even email, idk! 🙂 xx

      1. Sometimes I feel like sometimes there can be a lack of motivation at times. That can feel that way at school. Sometimes when writing a paper or even studying, it can be hard to find the motivation to get to studying or writing. Even blogging has its challenges. I myself didn’t even want to start a blog, but know its one of the best things I decided to do

          1. As each semester goes on, it gets harder and harder to find the motivation to study for a test and so on. I still hold on even when times are tough. I am getting through everyday by trusting in the Lord and that helps me survive college

  3. So far you are doing good. In six months you have achieved a lot, I mean people have been blogging for ages and don’t have a app for their blogs. Bravo my dear!

    Every blogger gets this feeling at some time.
    It will pass after a few days or weeks and you will be energized and crazy about blogging again.

    The thing is you just have the desire to achieve so much more with your blog and you are so eager. It makes you wonder how much effort you have to put in to get there especially when your efforts so far have not taken you to where you expected. I have been there and all i wanted to do was delete m blog. But passion will not let me.

    You need to define what you really need for your blog and what you need to do to get there. Put in all the effort you have in it even if you doubt where it will take you to and you will see changes. It’s normal to feel this way at times because it shows that you want to progress and you will, just believe.

    You can read this post and I hope it makes you feel better

  4. I think you’re doing really well Okoto. You already have over 1000 followers and a ton of views in just 6 months. Go easy on yourself. But, to your point, your passion has to be stronger than the pain/fear of failure. That’s how you stay committed. BTW, the WordPress Reader keeps showing excerpts of your posts but there’s no Read More! I had to go on Bloglovin to read this! Idk that’s intentional but it’s happening

  5. I have the same issue occasionally but you’r doing much better than I am. I have under 100 followers so you shouldn’t be worried. I would be so happy if I ever get a 1000 followers.

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