Hey everyone. I know I’ve been inactive and I didn’t post anything for days; that’s because I was in the process of moving my blog and going self hosted😊 it was a huge mess though 😅 Want to hear the story? Ok😊. As you guys know, I purchased a paid plan and domain from WP; then I found out still had some restrictions which I couldn’t deal with. In order to go self hosted, I had to get hosting from another hosting service provider that wasn’t WP and transfer to .org. I paid $35.99 to WP; so I asked for a partial refund and got $22.99 which I added money to in order to pay for the hosting which cost $47.40 from siteground. The price is quite different if you want to purchase a domain; I think. I already own a domain and all I needed was hosting; that’s why it was cheap.

Before paying, I contacted siteground to clear up a few things and ask some questions. The operator who attended to me; Miroslav B., was super nice. He explained everything in the best way possible. I contacted their customer service three times (twice before I paid for the hosting and once after I paid). The first time, I was transferred to Miroslav B.; and the other two times, I asked to be transferred to him. Well, because he was super nice😅 and so good with his work; even if he was busy, he’d still attend to me. It was meant to take 24hrs but it didn’t because their tech people didn’t move any of my posts, pages or comments which was super annoying. I was so pissed off because no one answered me, and I was on the verge of giving up and asking for a refund! I couldn’t deal because it wasn’t what I expected. I contacted them 8 times again but Miroslav B. wasn’t there because it wasn’t his shift; and I knew he would’ve done it for me. So I had to speak with different operators and customer care rep; many of which were really useless. But the issue didn’t end there! Although, I’ll stop here. 

Luckily, the nightmare is over, and I’m self hosted!!😄 Free from restrictions and now with .org😁 Its so exciting! But I can’t say if it was worth it or not. If you ever want to go self hosted, I don’t think I can help with giving any advice because I didn’t enjoy my experience one bit. But if you choose to go through site ground; and hopefully your experience will be better than mine, you can use my referral code here so I get a little something 😊 

New theme with the previous header

And well I changed my theme again; I got the previous one back but I couldn’t tweak it like I did on .com so I had to go for a different theme instead. And I have a new header image😀

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  1. I too have been contemplating doing the same. A fellow blogger and friend posted some issues she had with moving her blog. Thanks for the post. Glad you got it sorted.

  2. I paid the $35.99 because I had almost run out of space, and had no choice but to upgrade. We still only get 6, instead of 3, so this time next year I may have to pay for the next one up.

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