We died on the beautiful

Rose flower that pricked

You when I held your hand.

I saw you bleed but I didn’t 

Let go because letting you

Go meant losing you

Forever; and I wasn’t 

Prepared for that. The rose

Was as red as your blood

And my love for you. Both

Flowing endlessly as I looked into

Your eyes and I knew it

Was impossible to keep

Holding on; but I did. And I

Too got hurt by the rose

That left you bleeding. It

Was my turn;

But, instead of blood,

Love flowed. And I knew

I had lost you because I 

Unknowingly let go while

Trying to hold on with

The strength I had left.

You watched me fall to the

Ground; and we both died on 

A scattered bed of roses

That wasn’t meant for us.

– Okoto Enigma 

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