Hey guys. I haven’t been too active as most of you might have noticed but that’s about to change because….guess who’s done with her exams!!!🙋This girl😄 and guess who’s back to blogging as usual!! Again, this girl🙋😄 Lol I’m so excited! Now, I just need to write more posts and prepare to go home because I really need a break (on my way home😀). Hopefully, I can take some nature photos. I’ve slacked off on so many things I had to do; but now I’m free and I can focus on everything; including my blog😊

So, who’s ready for 10 posts a day?😂 I’m just kidding. 10 posts a day is too much and so not do able. But I’m back to my posting duties. So, which post do you guys want to see first? Although I already have 3 poems saved and ready to be posted. But, I want to post something besides that first; so it’s either your treat or mine😀 Ok maybe I’m just bored but hey, I’m free and so excited!

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  1. My semester is about halfway finished and after next Friday, Spring Break begins. Sometimes I feel like Spring Semester goes by faster than Fall Semester. I don’t like taking tests especially final exams and I recently had to put with a midterm lab practical for human biology

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