​Hey guys. Once again, I’m talking about my goals😊 Although I didn’t mention this goal when I wrote all about my goals on 17 THINGS I HOPE TO ACHIEVE IN 2017 but it’s something I wanted to achieve. At the beginning of January, my views amounted to over 23k and I set a goal to get 50k views by the end of February for my 5th month bloggerversary; until I found out that my exam starts February which made me Hesitate a bit; and obviously, my education comes first😅.

Most of you might have noticed I didn’t post that often in February and that took a toll on my views as I went down to 200+ views daily which didn’t help me in achieving my goal of getting 50k views. I ended up getting 40k instead.

But I don’t really feel that bad because it was for a good cause (my exam😀), and I can say I did really well. My views were high in January as you can see

screenshot taken Feb 26th

But went down in February because I had to focus on my studies.
Sure I didn’t reach 50k views but I can get that and more by March because I’ll be done with my exams very soon (tomorrow😄😄) and I’ll be able to focus on my blog once again😊 Although, I got a total of 17,000 views in January and February which isn’t that bad😝 But hey; I’m less than 350 followers away from 2k followers; and my other goal is to get between 5k-7k followers by the end of this year😉 so maybe I can celebrate my one year bloggerversary in September with a huge amount of followers😅 except I become too lazy to achieve it😂 I almost doubt it😊

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  1. Sometimes, stepping away from our online goals is important for our real life goals. Exams are more important than views online, but I get what you are saying.

    Congrats on almost having 2,000 followers. That’s awesome! For me, I reached all my blogging goals, so I’m kind of done with WordPress. However, the only goals I have left are my writing goals, and that’s what I’m focusing on now.

  2. My has reached 150 followers from WordPress. But whats nice is people read my blog everyday before even posting for the day. So I have 350 followers left to go by the end of the year

          1. I know. But my blog is read by others everyday. At one point, my spiritual posts will getting a lot more views than the musical posts and now it is the complete opposite

          2. I know they always do. What is read depends on follows and how easy some posts are easy to find. I only have one goal on my blog right now: reach 500 followers by end of year

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize you get that many views ( I am sure you post about it much) but I am not always on top of everyone’s page like some, so I always find things out late, but either way, that is awesome and congrats to you 😀


      1. Oh okay, figured you had and I was just running late per usual 😀 lol typically that is when I post about my stats (when I have hit some kind of milestone) although I am doing a terrible job of keeping up with my post stats.. I should be more aware like yourself 😀 guess this is a lesson learned!

          1. Hahaha, yes, a process that I am not good at, but working on whenever I see your post talking about it! lol 😀

            How have you been these coming weeks? Any fun plans this weekend? or for St. Patty’s day?

          2. Bahahaha! this is funny then that I bring it up! lol .. really I took you as more of a Velma! lmao. — well I liked Scrappy, but hey he is underrated, doesn’t get much love. lmao

          3. They are not lazy, just slow moving! lol . Like really really slow moving, ya know. like they move the same speed as a slug except for when they are scared.
            Daphne is the good looking one -_- lol. But when I think about her dating Fred, I couldn’t be Daphne! haha.


          4. Hahah Fred is just too “plain Jane”, lol his personality lacks and he needs a new clothing line! — he is starting to replicate the ken barbie doll!
            Velma and Shaggy were cute, they have spunk and personality together, and their kid is Scooby, it makes for a tight bond. They aren’t boring together! haha

          5. Bahahah! okay good 😀 my real last name isn’t so bad, but good makes it sound so official . lmfao like people will wonder “is she good” ?

          6. Bahahahahah! lol you would ask me this -_- I didn’t have time to prepare for a good answer, I have to think things through so I can make it sound real official when I answer this question! lol

          7. Yes, my brain only runs at the rate of a snail. LOL. jeez. Not all of us can produce wit in less than 5 seconds, you have to allow me time to think things over.. so much pressure. Gosh! (napoleon Dynamite voice) lol

          8. Mhhmm O.O watching you closely.. tomorrow I will have a whole day to think about it, since I will be away from WordPress (away from your commentary) lol. I won’t feel so much heat and my head won’t have so much sweat from all the pressures.. not to mention, my tummy won’t be rumbling from nervousness. LOL

          9. No, this kind of pressure makes it hard for me to blog good content on Thursday’s lol. I mean, it isn’t the kind of pressure that leads to a winning shot during a basketball game, it is the kind of pressure that fails your exam that you paid for . XD lol. — I guess if my blog content starts to dwindle, we can blame you.

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