Hey everyone😊. First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday 😊 they were lovely, and I appreciate them all. Crazy enough, I’m glad my birthday’s over!😅 I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could go back to my “I don’t care about anything” routine 😅. While others wish birthday’s came twice or lasted for more than 24 hours, I’m glad it happens once and it’s just for 24 hours😅 Don’t get me wrong, I was excited and really happy but for some reason, I felt strange; like I wasn’t happy enough; or maybe it’s just one of those weird days when I begin to reflect on life and realise that everything’s strange and way too fast. 

Enough with the boring talk😂 For my appreciation that isn’t really an appreciation😋. As always, and forever, I’m thankful and extremely grateful to God who has blessed me abundantly🙏. He’s simply marvellous and amazing😍!! I just can’t describe how awesome He is because it can’t be explained with words❤

 He gave me the best gift ever which was and is the gift of life; something that’s really important. Everything I have/achieved, who I’ve become and where I am right now is all thanks to Him🙌 He’s my beginning and my end, and I thank Him for another year well spent; and for many more years to come alongside my twin😊

A big “Thank you” to Jacque who gave me another gift; my app. Thankfully, through his efforts, and God’s grace, it’s now available for download on both Play store and App store😄 I’m still so happy about that; and grateful as well. 

And then again, “thank you” to everyone for the birthday wishes 😊. I appreciate each and every one of them. Well, that’s that😀

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