Been so inactive for some time now; kinda😅 I kind of feel bad because I’m unable to post as often as I’d like but my exam comes first and good grade is everything so I don’t really feel bad😋😅 I start tomorrow and I’m kind of nervous. Plus my birthday is on Friday and I’m more than nervous yet, excited. But like I said, my exam comes first. I’ll be through by March 2nd so that means more blog posts!!!!😀 I’ll try to write some posts ahead of time; when I’m free. But for now, I’m very busy. Just felt like talking 😝Bye guys❤

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  1. Last semester, I was like quite inactive for about three or so weeks. Had to focus on a paper that in order to make an “A”, it needed to be 21 pages. There are times when I truly forget just how hard college really is

      1. I worry too easily even though I always have a positive attitude. What really helps is trusting in God. Last week was quite scary with having three tests. But this week, have a human biology lab midterm and that test is going to be quite scary

          1. I am so glad that my school has just gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Whenever I am able to witness them, I am reminded of the importance of God in my college life and my entire life

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